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Appendix B

Staff Activities


Vilnius International Forum on Holocaust-Era
Looted Cultural Assets,
October 2000
Vilnius, Lithuania

Stockholm International Forum on the
January 2000
Stockholm, Sweden

Summit meeting of scholars representing the
following governments and organizations:

Executive Council of Australian Jewry

Commission for Provenance Research

Historical Commission of the Republic of
Austria (Austria)

Ministry of Economic Affairs (Belgium)

Institute Terezin Initiative (Czech Republic)

Fact-finding Mission on the Looting of
Jewish Assets in France (France)

The Coordinating Office of States for the
Return of Cultural Property (Germany)

Jewish Heritage Public Endowment (Hungary)

Hungarian Auschwitz Foundation (Hungary)

Centre of Organizations of Holocaust
Survivors in Israel (Israel)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

International Commission for the Evaluation
of the Crimes of the Nazi and Soviet
Occupational Regimes in Lithuania (Lithuania)

Commission on Financial Assets of Victims
of the Second World War (the Netherlands)

University of Aveiro (Portugal)

Commission on Jewish Assets in Spain (Spain)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sweden)

Commission on Jewish Assets (Sweden)

Holocaust Research & Holocaust Studies
in the 21st Century,
December 1999
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington, DC

37th Annual Conference, National Association
of Unclaimed Property Administrators,
August, 1999
Des Moines, IA

Seeking Justice for Holocaust Victims, May 1999
Jewish Community Relations Council of the
Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago,
Northwestern University Jewish Studies
Program, Northwestern University Law School
Chicago, IL

Conference on Entertainment,
Arts and Sports Law,
January, 1999
American Law Institute-America Bar Association
Los Angeles, CA

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