James S. Thomason, Senior Analyst, Strategy, Forces and Resources Division, Institute for Defense Analyses


 Ph.D., International Relations, Northwestern University (1978)

B.A., Government, Harvard College (1969)


Senior Projects Manager, Institute for Defense Analyses

Director of consulting team to the CORM

Professional Staff Member, Center for Naval Analyses

Consultant, State Department

Member, Intergovernmental Cooperation Commission, State of Illinois

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Hawaii


Division Nominee, Outstanding Research Analyst, Institute for Defense Analyses

Dissertation Fellowship Award, Northwestern University

National Institute of Health Research Fellowship

Magna cum Laude, Honors thesis, Harvard College


Flexible Presence: A Concept for the 21st Century, Joint Forces Quarterly, forthcoming, Spring, 1999

Contributor, " Report of the Secretary of Defense to Congress on the National Defense Stockpile," January 1999

The Quadrennial Defense Review Process:  Lessons Learned from the 1997 Review and Options for the Future, IDA Paper P-3402, June 1998

Observations on Joint Staff Responsibilities, Organizations, and Processes, IDA Paper P-3163, April 1996

Evolving Service Roles in Presence Missions, IDA Paper P-3146, August 1995

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Document D-1707, June 1995

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