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Best Practices - Macon, Georgia

Mayor Jim Marshall has reached out to all the local faith communities in the city of Macon, GA to encourage mentoring and other programs for young people. Mayor Marshall believes that if the resources of such a large religious community could be focused on the needs of at-risk youth, "there would not be any at-risk youth in Macon or surrounding Bibb County."

Boston Ten-Point Coalition

The Boston Ten-Point Coalition -- Operation 2006 participated in Boston's Operation Ceasefire neighborhood forums, at which youth were given zero tolerance messages and offered services. The Coalition also is linked to Boston's strategy to prevent youth violence. The Boston Ten-Point Coalition Operation 2006 launched the National Ten-Point Coalition to develop similar programs in other cities.

Center for Community and Interfaith Partnerships

The Center for Community and Interfaith Partnerships links community and faith-based organizations to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Center is not a funding source, it fulfills its mission by seeking input, sharing resources, and building a network of organizations to maximize the impact of local and national community development projects.

Churches Take a Corner (CTAC)

An interfaith, grassroots, community-based organization fighting substance abuse, violence, racism, and prejudice in every community where we work.

National Ten-Point Leadership Foundation

This foundation helps build local church coalitions that will take positive action and reach out to inner city youth.

Simon Funds Faith-Based Programs for Crime, Addiction

Organizations in local communities that use faith-based approaches to address social problems such as crime, addiction, homelessness and poverty, and nonprofits that focus on at-risk youths, may be eligible for grants from the William E. Simon Foundation.

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