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SafeCities is linking to existing public safety web sites that let citizens interact with them and track a community's progress promoting safety. There are currently 3 links to Oklahoma police departments and other public safety web sites. Please feel free to recommend a link for this or any other state. Click here to recommend a link.

Best Practices- Oklahoma Regional Community Policing Institute

Ardmore, Oklahoma was experiencing an under-reporting of incidents of domestic violence. Trainers from the RCPI traveled to Ardmore to assist the coalition in reducing domestic violence in their community. A great deal of information was exchanged and have resulted in calls for service, police reports and arrest increases.

FBI Crime Data for 542 Metropolitan Areas

This system provides crime data for individual cities from a database derived from FBI crime data. It contains crime rates for all 542 metropolitan central cities and their associated metropolitan areas and suburbs for 1992, 1997, and 1998.

Lawton Police Departmetn

Official web page of the Lawton Police Department.

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