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SafeCities is linking to existing public safety web sites that let citizens interact with them and track a community's progress promoting safety. There are currently 6 links to California police departments and other public safety web sites. Please feel free to recommend a link for this or any other state. Click here to recommend a link.

Best Practices- California Regional Community Policing Institute at Los Angeles

Elder abuse is a nationally pervasive problem. The California Regional Community Policing Institute has developed a variety of training seminars to address elder abuse.

Best Practices- Watsonville, CA Police Department

A Change of Focus: Analysis and Problem Definition

Crime Maps on the Web: San Diego, California

The San Diego Police Department has used computerized crime mapping since 1989 as part of its successful crime reduction strategy. Its earliest crime mapping efforts were simple snapshots of criminal activity with little analysis. In 1994, however, the department reorganized itself around the concept of neighborhood problem-solving and delineated patrol beats by neighborhood rather than by precinct. This proactive strategy of neighborhood problem-solving takes direct aim at the elements that contribute to criminal activity by encouraging officers to look beyond an individual crime to the underlying causes of crime.

FBI Crime Data for 542 Metropolitan Areas

This system provides crime data for individual cities from a database derived from FBI crime data. It contains crime rates for all 542 metropolitan central cities and their associated metropolitan areas and suburbs for 1992, 1997, and 1998.

Los Angeles Police Department on line

Find crime statistics, report a crime, learn what you can do to protect yourself and your family on Los Angeles Police Department's official website.

Sacramento Police Department

The mission of the Sacramento, California Police Department is to work in partnership with the community, to protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems and enhance the quality of life in our City.

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