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What "Reinventing the Federal Government" Means

Reinvention is about change. Since 1993, Vice President Al Gore has led an administration initiative -- now known as the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) -- to reinvent the Federal government. That means we're creating a government that works better, costs less, and gets results Americans care about.

NPR's Main Goals

What do Americans care about and want from the government? We at NPR talked to thousands of Federal employees, government customers, and successful corporate reinventers. We listened, learned, and took action to:

Help Federal agencies that deal most directly with the public -- such as the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) -- transform themselves into performance-based, customer-driven, and results-oriented organizations; and

Create partnerships by streamlining and coordinating the activities of government agencies whose responsibilities are complementary in order to achieve outcomes that no one agency can achieve alone;

Create an electronic government by encouraging Federal agencies to transact business with the public over the Internet;

Encourage agencies to take a holistic view of their organization's health by evaluating progress in achieving results that matter most to the American people, and doing so by satisfying customers and involving front-line workers.

And, There's More

The Vice President's initiative doesn't stop here. Federal government employees, supported by 46 Presidential directives and 85 laws passed by Congress, also are:

Cutting red tape by scrapping rules and regulations that burden agencies without advancing their goals.

Improving the speed and quality of government services by boosting the efficiency, courtesy, and motivation of staffers at Federal agencies;

Getting the best value for each taxpayer dollar by eliminating outdated government programs, emphasizing productivity over accountability for following rules, and streamlining procedures for buying equipment and supplies for the Federal government; and

Removing barriers to results by creating partnerships between government, public, and private organizations and by providing greater flexibility to Federal offices, states and localities on how to get results.

For more information, contact John Kamensky at (202) 694-0001.

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