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The Bottom Line:
How Reinvention Saves You Time and Money

In 1993, NPR made 384 recommendations to address inefficiencies or redundancies in the government. Eighty-eight of these were expected to save about $108 billion over the next five years. In 1995, NPR made another 186 recommendations that would save another $69.4 billion. Nearly 60% of those recommendations have been adopted, saving billions of valuable taxpayer dollars.

But saving money isn't the only benefit from reinvention. When Federal agencies focus on delivering great customer service, Americans get great service, including:

Faster delivery of first class mail.

Greater access to government services through expanded telephone and walk-in services.

A faster, friendlier, more flexible Internal Revenue Service (IRS) offering support for small businesses, easier-to-understand tax forms and notices, expanded electronic filing and payment options for taxes -- all designed to make it simpler to get questions answered, fill out forms, and pay taxes.

Simpler applications for Federal student loans--and faster processing of them, too;

Faster Customs clearance at airports and border crossings;
Enhanced Internet postings about recreational activities, recreational use permits, and reservations for campgrounds on Federal lands;

The virtual elimination of waiting lines -- that used to be legendary in length -- at passport agencies throughout the country.

Faster, more comprehensive, and more courteous telephone service from the Social Security Administration (SSA); overnight verification of employee Social Security numbers for businesses; and mailings of personalized Social Security Statements (that estimate future Social Security benefits) written in plain, easy to understand language, to approximately 125 million workers; and

Faster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to disaster victims.

When Federal agencies reinvent, streamline, and coordinate their activities, Americans get more protection from crime, health threats, and safety threats, and more resources to strengthen communities and families. For example, the Federal government is currently:

Holding a series of educational fairs throughout the nation and maintaining an Internet site to inform communities about grants and other resources available from various Federal agencies to after-school programs for school-aged children and teenagers;

Creating "Hassle Free Communities" that have one-stop service centers or mobile vans providing varied Federal, state, and local government services tailored to community needs; and

Linking cities and communities -- through a program known as the Safe Cities Network -- to share best practices and to improve the safety and security of our nation's streets.

For more information, contact John Kamensky at (202) 694-0001.

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