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Reinvention Achievements

Is Federal government reinvention making progress? Indeed!

The Federal government's reinvention achievements to date include:

About $136 billion in savings to American taxpayers.

The elimination of over 640,000 pages of internal rules and about 16,000 pages of Federal regulations, and the rewriting of 31,000 additional pages into plain language.

The elimination of over 350,000 civilian Federal positions. The Federal payroll is now smaller than it has been at any time since President Kennedy's administration.

The adoption by Federal agencies of over 4,000 standards for improving service to the public and hundreds of efficiency-boosting actions.

Most important, after a thirty-year decline, public trust in the Federal government finally began increasing four years ago; it continues to increase today.

Could Federal government reinvention be the catalyst in this upward trend? You be the judge, read on!

For more information, contact John Kamensky at (202) 694-0001.


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