We'll Do Our Job So You Can Do Yours

The GSA initiated this partnership arrangement and felt a great responsibility to make it work well so that the Census Bureau could concern itself with conducting the Census. And, it has worked well.

During the last two years, GSA completed delivery of 1,037 offices, including 520 local field offices in 50 states and Puerto Rico. That's 4.5 million square feet of space - - more space than found in two Empire State Buildings! And, each of those 1,037 offices, ranging in size from 500 to 8,000 square feet, was negotiated separately to meet customer needs.

GSA also filled Census' needs for furniture, equipment, and voice and data systems. How many shopping trips would you need to make to purchase these items?

113,365 pieces of furniture
663 copiers
1,311 fax machines
700 million pounds of printed materials
520 typewriters, shredders, and hand trucks
17,000 telephones




And, how much effort would you expend arranging for the installation of 900 miles of telephone wire (enough to stretch from Washington, DC to Florida) and 26,000 telephone jacks, not to mention completing 37,000 telephone service orders?

GSA did it all, quickly and efficiently. On top of that, the effort gave GSA the opportunity to fulfill an important social responsibility by giving the National Industries for the Blind and Severely Handicapped nearly $20 million in sales.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

The work isn't over yet. GSA will continue to serve Census 2000 for months to come. Then, when the Census is complete, GSA will quickly shut down and dispose of all the temporarily used equipment, furniture, supplies, and space.

The GSA-Census Joint Venture 2000 exemplifies the advantages of interagency partnering. Working together and leveraging their strengths helps Federal agencies accomplish their unique missions by using their respective talents and resources on the things they do best.

For more information about the GSA-Census Joint Venture 2000, visit the GSA Internet site.


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