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March 1, 2000 

Government Executive March 2000 

he Government Performance Project is
an effort to answer a fundamental question:
How well are federal agencies managed? The
project got its start more than four years ago,
when executives of the Pew Charitable Trusts
of Philadelphia decided that devising and
publicizing a careful grading system for
government might serve as an incentive for
improvement in our public sector. 

As of March 2000, the GPP has graded 20 of
the 30 agencies identified by the Clinton
administration as having a "high impact" on
the American public. The grading was done by
a team of journalists from Government
Executive and academics from the Maxwell
School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at
Syracuse University. In 2000, the GPP team
examined and graded five new federal agencies
and revisited five of those graded in 1999.
Agencies are graded on five categories of
management—financial management, human
resources, information technology, capital
management and managing for results—and
receive an overall grade as well. 

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