Progress Report


Progress Report

CHAPTER ONE: Putting Customers First

I just treat people the way I want to be treated, the way I'm treated when I like it.

Mildred Jordon-Briscoe
Requirements Analyst
Social Security Administration,

Mildred Jordon-Briscoe was the subject of a letter that Johnson & Johnson, the pharmaceuticals manufacturer in New Brunswick, New Jersey, wrote to Vice President Gore. When company officials called her for information, they wrote, she constantly exceeded their expectations for service. She answered their questions almost before they asked them. Asked later why she works so hard, her response was the one you see above. [1]

Fortunately, Jordon-Briscoe is not alone, even among the Social Security Administration's employees in Baltimore. Jackie Collins-Miller got a call from a woman who had received someone else's check in the mail along with her own. Collins-Miller jumped in her car, picked up the check, mailed it to its owner, and called a few days later to make sure it had arrived. Ronya Rollett helped an elderly woman who had been conned into bringing cash after office hours to a phony SSA representative.