4. "Reinvention Reading," Reinvention Roundtable, Feb. 18, 1994, p. 6. Management guru Tom Peters offers a similar conclusion in his Foreword to a commercial version of the NPR report. In general, scholars viewed the report with caution, but several also praised it. For example, in a report for the Brookings Institution, Donald F. Kettl observed, "The NPR has the potential, together with the New Deal and the Hoover Commissions, to be one of the three more important administrative initiatives of the twentieth century" (p. 4) and "In sum, the NPR, in its first year, accomplished far more than cynics suggested might be possible" (p. vii). See Reinventing Government? Appraising the National Performance Review, (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, August 1994). Similarly, James Q. Wilson noted in a recent lecture, "In my judgment, the Gore Report is the best White House statement I have ever read about what citizens really want from government administrators and how, in theory, that can be delivered." See "Reinventing Public Administration," the John Gaus Lecture, American Political Science Association (September 2, 1994), p. 18.