National Partnership for Reinventing Government
(formerly the National Performance Review)

Achieving Outcomes No One Agency Can Achieve Alone

Some of the things that matter most to Americans are results that extend beyond the power of any single government agency. Significant reductions in crime, improvements in the well being of our children, and preparing workers for new opportunities depend upon broader efforts. Such efforts are often rooted in communities and supported by a variety of local, state and federal agencies as well as the private sector. NPR is working with a range of organizations to create "seamless service delivery" based on shared accountability for outcomes. Key initiatives to achieve this goal include:

Significantly reducing crime. Using new technologies and working collaboratively, the Justice Department is working with state and local police to put in place new techniques that will dramatically improve crime fighting.

Improving child well being. The Clinton-Gore Administration created a set of statistical indicators for measuring the well being of children (the report was entitled, America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being and Health, United States), and is working with ten communities to substantially improve child well-being based on locally-set goals. Further information can be found on the Internet at In addition, about 70 other charter communities are participating by sharing their strategies and goals with each other.

Creating an integrated national training, education, and employment system. With the passage of the Workforce Investment Act in 1998, NPR is working with a range of federal agencies to partner with states and localities to expand the network of One-Stop Job Centers from 800 to 2,000. NPR is attempting to ensure the centers integrate service delivery and have a customer satisfaction rating of at least 80 percent. (Further information can be found at

Expanding the designation of "Hassle Free Communities." In 1998, three communities were designated as "hassle free" pilot projects. NPR is working with these and other communities that want "hassle free" service delivery. Together, these communities are developing new ways to deliver public services customers want - when, where, and how they want them - based on federal, state, and local partnerships.

April 2000

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