Document Name: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Travlers & Tourists (21 of 23)
Date: 09/01/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Travlers & Tourists (21 of 23)

Author: Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review

Date: September, 1994


Travelers, Tourists, and Outdoor Enthusiasts



Department of Agriculture


Forest Service


Manages the national forests and rangelands, with over 191 million

acres, and makes them available for recreation as well as business

and research.

--- Our offices, work sites, and visitor centers will be open at

times convenient to our customers.

--- Knowledgeable employees will be available at times convenient to

our customers.

--- Our facilities will be safe, clean, attractive, and informative.

--- Our facilities will be accessible to persons of all ages and


--- Visitors will always be welcomed with prompt, courteous service.

--- Customers will be asked regularly to help us improve our services

and business practices.

--- Customers will promptly receive the service and information they

request, or we will explain we cannot meet the request.


Department of Defense


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Water Resources Operation and Maintenance

Maintains 2,500 recreation sites.

--- We will maintain all recreation facilities in a clean and safe

condition, and we will treat all of our visitors courteously.


Department of the Interior


Bureau of Land Management


Manages all aspects of 270 million acres of federal land and 570

million acres of federal mineral resources.

We will always:

--- Treat you in a courteous, efficient, and professional manner

every time you contact us.

--- Work with you to meet your needs while complying with laws and


--- Advise you if your request cannot be filled in your initial

contact with us, and tell you who will respond to your request and

when you can expect that response.

Casual Uses of Lands, Facilities, and Developed Sites

Use of campgrounds, visitor centers, developed trails, and other


--- You will be provided with well-designed and maintained


--- You will receive complete and up-to-date information on the

requested site.

--- If you need an authorization to use lands, facilities, or sites,

we will complete action on your in-person request within 30 minutes.

We will respond to telephone or written requests within five business


Compliance and Enforcement

Enforcement of requirements, regulations, and laws governing leases,

permits, grants, and other uses of lands and resources.

--- You will be advised of the requirements for the proper use of

public lands and resources.

--- You will be given the information you need regarding the

applicable BLM compliance and enforcement process, expected time

frames, and reporting requirements and responsibilities.

--- You will be treated fairly under laws and regulations.

Information Access Centers

Provide information and products at central locations.

--- You will be greeted and your request will be acknowledged within

five minutes of your arrival.

--- You will receive the most current and accurate information about

the public land that we have available to the public.

--- You will receive available information within 30 minutes of your

in-person request. We will respond to your telephone or written

inquiries within five business days.

Public Policy Involvement Opportunities

Opportunities for you to be involved in our planning process and our

management of resources.

--- You will be provided with the opportunity to tell us how you

think publicly owned resources should be managed.

--- As we develop plans, rules, and regulations for use of public

resources, you will be asked for your ideas.

--- You will be afforded adequate time to make your comments and


Uses Requiring Authorization

Grazing permits, mineral leases, and rights of way that require prior

written approval.

--- You will receive a response to your phone messages and letters,

usually within five business days.

--- You will be informed of what the transaction is, how your request

will be handled, who will respond to your request, and the date by

which we expect to address your request.

Bureau of Reclamation


Manages, develops, and protects water and related resources in an

environmentally and economically sound manner.

Recreation Areas

--- We will always treat our customers with courtesy and respect.

--- We will promptly answer our customers' questions with accurate,

objective information.

--- We will resolve our customers' needs through single-point contact

whenever possible -- our customers will not receive the "runaround."

--- We will provide educational information to our customers about

the resources we manage, their use, and the laws and regulations

governing their use.

--- We will use language that our customers can easily understand.

--- We will ask for and consider our customers' ideas about agency

plans, programs, and services.

--- We will promptly respond to our customers' suggestions, concerns,

and comments.

Fish and Wildlife Service


Manages 500 conservation refuges across America.

--- You will be treated with courtesy.

--- Your calls will be answered promptly. An answering machine will

be available during non-business hours.

--- We will provide you with all the information you need to visit

the facility:

-- hours of operation;

-- facility rules;

-- telephone numbers, including an emergency number for problems;


-- brochures.

--- Our employees will always look professional. Our employees are

easily identified by uniforms and name tags.

--- We will provide you with high quality wildlife-dependent

recreational and educational opportunities to enjoy this refuge's


--- We will clearly mark all trails and tour routes.

--- We will clearly mark all hazardous areas and materials.

--- Our facilities will be clean at all times.

--- We welcome your comments and suggestions at any time. Contact a

uniformed employee.

National Park Service


Promotes and regulates the use of national parks, monuments, and


We pledge to:

--- Protect your right to experience superlative wilderness and

scenic grandeur.

--- Communicate an understanding of the people, places, and events

that shaped these United States.

--- Provide opportunities for quality outdoor recreation while

conserving exceptional natural, cultural, and historical resources.

--- Make the beauty and history of our nation's parklands a more

meaningful part of the life of all Americans.

--- Manage the National Park System so that everyone, now and in the

future, may be assured the right of enjoying the parks.

--- Seek out and protect the finest of what remains unprotected of

the nation's natural, cultural, historical, and recreational


--- Join in partnerships throughout this and other nations in

conserving and maintaining a quality world environment.

Visitor Centers

--- We will keep the center open during peak hours and seasons and

provide alternative sources of information when the center is closed.

--- We will maintain the facility in a clean, safe condition.

--- We will answer your questions or refer you to additional sources

of assistance.

--- We will make special efforts to inform you of hazards and

situations that may adversely affect your visit.

--- We will provide and maintain exhibits and audio-visual programs

that impart understanding and stimulate appreciation of the park and

its significant natural, historical, cultural, and recreational


--- We will display schedules of programs and activities available

throughout the park.

--- We will offer a wide range of quality, park-related educational

items at fair market value sold in well-maintained outlets.


Department of Justice


Immigration and Naturalization Service


Deals with travelers entering the United States.

--- We will treat you with courtesy and respect.

--- If you are a United States citizen entering the country at an

airport, you will find citizen inspection lines dedicated

specifically for rapid clearance back into the country.

--- If you are a frequent business traveler being inspected in an

airport using the INSPASS Program, and being inspected at the Newark,

New Jersey; New York City; or Toronto, Canada, airports using the

INSPASS System, you will be processed in less than a minute. This

service is available 24 hours a day. INS is exploring the possibility

of expanding this service to other airports.

--- At most land border ports of entry, we will complete our entry

inspection within 20 minutes.

--- At the busiest southwest border ports, which experience heavy

volumes of commuter traffic, we will strive, through the application

of innovative inspection techniques and technology, to reduce waiting

time to 30 minutes.

--- If you use the recently instituted Dedicated Commuter Lanes in

Blaine, Washington, you will experience virtually no delay in

entering the country. We are working with local authorities to

establish similar lanes in other land border locations.

--- After January 1, 1995, if you request information through the

"Ask Immigration" telephone number, (202) 514-4316, we will provide

improved service by reducing the message format from 58 items to 10

and the length of the menu time from 9 minutes to 1. The message

system is available 24 hours a day, with staff available to assist

with follow-up questions during normal business hours.


Department of State


Bureau of Consular Affairs


--- You will receive your passport within 25 working days after your

application is received. Service will be provided in a courteous

manner and, whenever possible, we will try to meet your individual

travel needs.

--- You will receive timely and accurate information on travel safety

and conditions in foreign countries 24 hours a day, seven days a


--- You will receive a timely and courteous response to your request

for American citizen services and service will be provided by

knowledgeable, professional, and courteous personnel.

--- Services to persons seeking visas to legally visit or reside in

the United States will be provided by professional, knowledgeable,

and courteous personnel.


Department of Transportation


U.S. Coast Guard


We will provide the following services for recreational boaters:

--- 24 hours/day, seven days/week search and rescue services on


--- 24 hours/day, seven days/week Radionavigation services.

--- Toll-free, 24 hours/day, seven days/week Boating Safety Hotline,

800-368-5647, for immediate access to a Coast Guard customer service

representative with accurate on-the-spot answers to technical

questions and written information follow-up to:

-- obtain free boating information,

-- obtain boating accident statistics,

-- obtain boat safety defect warnings,

-- report a possible boat safety defect, and

-- learn about a recall campaign.

--- Boating Safety classes and courtesy inspections by trained Coast

Guard Auxiliarists at locations across the United States.

--- 24 hours/day, seven days/week navigation information services at


--- 24 hours/day, seven days/week operation of Channel 16, the VHF-FM

national distress system.


Department of the Treasury


Bureau of Engraving and Printing


Public Tours

Offers public tours of the Washington, D.C. plant that prints U.S.


You can expect:

--- Knowledgeable and courteous personnel.

--- Additional personnel stationed throughout the tour to assist you

and answer your questions.

--- A comment card to be provided for your questions and suggestions

for improving the tour.

--- At least one tour guide will be assigned to each group.

--- That your group will be distinct and separate and be given

personalized attention.

--- Your group will have no more than 80 people.

--- Your tour guide to be fluent in the language you requested.

--- To receive various informational brochures from the gallery and

the Visitors Center.

--- The "Visitors Guide" to be available at the ticket booth,

visitor's entrance, and the Visitors Center.

--- Knowledgeable and courteous service in the Visitors Center sales


--- Quality products from the Visitors Center.

U.S. Customs Service


International Air Travelers

We'll serve international air travelers by:

--- Providing professional and courteous treatment to everyone.

--- Providing expeditious clearance to the majority of international

travelers within five minutes of luggage claim.

--- Providing a supervisor to address your Customs-related questions

or concerns before you leave the area.

--- Working with you, other federal inspection agencies, airlines,

and facility owners in providing the best customer service.

--- Upon receipt of your written inquiry, complete with a telephone

number, we will contact you personally within three working days.


Executive Office of the President


Old Executive Office Building Preservation Office


Public Tour Program

We will base our success on how well we meet these standards:

--- That we provide an enjoyable and educational tour.

--- That we have knowledgeable and interesting tour guides.

--- That we give you clear directions as to the time and location of

Old Executive Office building tours.

White House Visitors


We will base our success on how well we meet these standards:

--- That visitors have an enjoyable tour experience.

--- That visitors receive accurate and helpful assistance.

--- That visitors are given clear directions for obtaining tickets

and reaching the tour entrance.

--- That tour schedulers are informed of every aspect of the

scheduling process, and assisted in implementing them.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


NASA Exhibit Program


Informs the general public about the objectives, methods, and results

of the U.S. aerospace program.

We will:

--- Display themes in a concise, informative, and accessible way to a

largely non-technical audience.

--- Provide safe and adequate passage for persons who use walking

aids, or have visual impairments, as well as people who use


--- Plan all aspects of an exhibition in terms of the physical and

intellectual needs of visitors.

--- Caption audio-visual presentations.

--- Consider eye level of persons standing and seated (as in a

wheelchair) in the placement of text and visuals.

--- Use a simple and clear-grid format to minimize clutter and assist

persons in accessing information.

--- Make sure the operation of interactive devices does not require

tight grasping, pinching, twisting of the wrist, or unreasonable


--- Make a sign language interpreter available for guided tours of

NASA Centers to assist the hearing impaired who have made specific

tour arrangements in advance.

--- Incorporate bilingual text into exhibits.


National Archives and Records Administration


Accesses, arranges, describes, preserves, and makes available to the

public the historically valuable records of the three branches of


--- We will treat all of our customers with courtesy.

--- We will meet or beat our established deadlines for providing

customer service.

--- We will provide to our customers competent service by

knowledgeable staff.

--- We will provide informational products to meet our customers'


If you call or visit one of our facilities:

--- You will find Archives staff and volunteers available in all

offices to assist you during posted business hours. Our business

hours will be prominently posted at all sites and noted in our

brochures and through other information sources.

If you visit our exhibition hall in Washington, D.C.:

--- You will find us open to serve you with knowledgeable staff or

volunteers 364 days (closed only on December 25), with information

readily available about our programs and services. During the peak

visitor season, we will extend our hours so that you can see the

Charters of Freedom and other exhibits at times that will be more

convenient and less crowded.

If you visit one of our presidential library museums:

--- You will find us open to serve you with knowledgeable staff or

volunteers 362 days (closed only on Thanksgiving Day, December 25,

and January 1), with information readily available about our programs

and services.

If things go wrong:

--- If our service has not matched our values and standards for

customer service, we want to know so that we can do something about

it and get it right the next time. Our local complaints and

suggestions procedures are as follows. You may:

-- Ask to speak to the person you dealt with.

-- Use our Suggestion/Complaint comment form (NA Form 14045). You

can mail it or drop it in the box provided. Or, you can simply write

us a letter. If you request a reply, we will provide a response

within seven working days.

-- Speak or write to the supervisor in charge. If we cannot solve

your problem immediately, we will provide a response within seven

working days.

If you are still not satisfied that we have handled your complaint or

provided the service we promised, you can write to the Assistant

Archivist for the office with which you have been dealing.


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