Document Name: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Veterans (23 of 23)
Date: 09/01/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Veterans (23 of 23)

Author: Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review

Date: September, 1994





Department of Defense


Defense Finance and Accounting Service


The central financial and accounting office for the Department of


--- For retirees/annuitants:

-- Initial retiree payments will be made within 30 days of


-- Initial Survivor Benefit Plan payments will be issued within 30

days from date of death notification.

-- Arrears of pay will be resolved within 60 days from death


--- Our service providers will be knowledgeable and courteous.

--- We will provide prompt resolution to your inquiry. For

retirees/annuitants, we will respond to your written inquiry within

12 working days.

Personnel and Readiness


Operation Transition

Helps people leaving the military to find civilian jobs.

--- The Operation Transition Help Desk is scheduled to be available

to employers from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. Adequate staffing of

the Help Desk will ensure employers are called back the same business

day. Enough phone lines are to be installed to ensure that employers

don't get busy signals on the Defense Outplacement Referral Service

or the Transition Bulletin Board. All phones will be answered

promptly and professionally.


Department of Labor


Veterans' Employment and Training Service


Helps veterans seeking employment and provides information and

assistance to employers.

For veterans, we will provide:

--- Courteous, prompt, and respectful service.

--- A Veterans Reemployment Rights (VRR) Eligibility Form 1010 within

10 days of receipt of a VRR complaint and within three days of the

complaint if unemployed. We will also settle your VRR case, or refer

it to the Department of Justice for litigation, within one year of

your complaint.

--- Referral for a job and/or job training opportunity for which you

are deemed qualified and eligible, with first consideration to

service-connected disabled veterans.

--- Information about all the services for which you are qualified

and eligible, with first consideration to service-connected disabled


--- Help in filing a complaint about employment and training matters.

--- Information about, and referral to, other agencies providing

benefits and services.

For employers, we will provide:

--- Courteous, prompt, and respectful service by dedicated veterans'


--- Qualified veteran applicants and eligible persons for job

openings that are listed.

--- A responsive and timely answer to your concerns.

--- Answers to your questions about VETS' employment and training

programs and help in accessing community resources and incentive


For grantees, we will provide:

--- Courteous, prompt, and respectful service.

--- Consultation with you about policy and program changes that

affect your grant.

--- A responsive and timely answer to your concerns.

--- Answers to your questions about our employment and training



Department of Veterans Affairs


Board of Veterans' Appeals


Reviews appeals made by veterans or their beneficiaries.

Courtesy and respect:

--- You will be treated with courtesy and respect by every Board of

Veterans' Appeals employee every time you have contact with the


Communication of information:

--- You will receive a complete and understandable explanation of the

appeal process when you begin your appeal; you will also be provided

a phone number and address which you may use to contact us for any

questions regarding your appeal.

--- You will receive an accurate current status report on your

appeal, upon your request.

--- You will be kept informed of all significant developments in the

processing of your appeal, including significant changes to the

estimated completion date.

--- You will receive a plain language explanation of the board's

decision along with the formal written decision on your appeal.

--- If you receive an unfavorable decision on your appeal, a plain

language explanation of your additional appeal rights will accompany

the written decision on your appeal.


--- Within 30 days from the date you file your appeal, you will

receive a realistic estimate of when to expect a final decision on

your appeal.


--- All issues in your appeal will be thoroughly reviewed and decided

according to the letter and spirit of all current laws.

--- All information and evidence included in your appeal will be

reviewed and considered when deciding your appeal.

National Cemetery System


Provides burial services in National Cemeteries.


--- We will deliver service in a manner reflecting compassion and

respect for you and your family in a time of need.

--- We will listen to your requests or questions and provide feedback

that ensures understanding and comfort.


--- We will accurately determine eligibility for burial services.

--- We will provide a headstone or marker that is correctly


--- We will record and provide accurate grave site locator



--- We will provide clear, easily understood explanations of

eligibility and all policies.

--- We will deliver service in a manner that is fair and impartial.

--- We will provide trained staff who are able to provide prompt

answers to requests and questions.


--- We will determine eligibility for burial benefits within 48


--- We will ensure that a headstone or marker is delivered to the

cemetery within three months.

--- We will mail Presidential Memorial Certificates within 45 days.


--- We will provide scheduling seven days a week for Monday through

Friday services.

--- We will have office staff available to assist you during regular

business hours.

--- We will provide a 1-800 phone line for you to make inquiries

about headstone and marker applications.


--- We will maintain the appearance of individual gravesites,

headstones, markers, and monuments in a manner befitting these

national shrines.

Veterans Benefits Administration


Provides benefits and services to eligible veterans and their


Courtesy and Respect:

--- We will treat customers with courtesy and respect at all times.

Communication -- We will communicate with customers accurately,

completely, and clearly by:

--- Explaining the full range of benefits and services available.

--- Providing a realistic estimate of how long it will take to

process their claim or answer their request.

--- Keeping the customer informed on the status of the claim or


--- Clearly explaining all reasons for decisions.


--- We will answer or acknowledge benefit inquiries within 10


--- We will respond to telephone calls within three minutes after the

call goes through.

--- We will interview customers at our offices within 30 minutes of


--- We will deliver benefits and services in the shortest possible



--- We will ensure ready customer access to our services.

--- We will fully address all customer questions, concerns, and


Veterans Canteen Service


Provides retail services at veterans facilities.

--- We will always treat you with courtesy and respect.

Retail stores:

--- We guarantee unconditional customer satisfaction.

--- We will handle all complaints promptly and to the customer's

satisfaction. NO IFS, ANDS, OR BUTS.

--- We guarantee the lowest price in town for current "price buster"

merchandise or refund the difference plus 10 percent.

--- We will provide knowledgeable and helpful responses to your


Food service:

--- In canteens with Food Courts, we will serve you within three


--- We guarantee you a positive dining experience each and every


--- We will offer a "Caregiver Special" every day in the cafeteria or

Food Court and price it within the lunch allowance for VA volunteers.

Veterans Health Administration


Provides health care to eligible veterans and their dependents.

--- We will treat you with courtesy and dignity. You can expect to be

treated as the first-class citizen that you are.

--- We will provide you with timely access to health care. We have

talked to you, our patients, about your expectations for timeliness.

You have told us that you expect to have your urgent needs met when

they come up and your non-urgent needs taken care of in a reasonable

period of time. You also said you understand that it may take some

time for your medical facility to meet your expectations for

timeliness. For that reason we have asked our medical facilities to

do three things so that they eventually meet your expectations:

(1) post local timeliness standards;

(2) keep track of how well they meet those standards; and

(3) make continuous improvements in their timeliness.

--- One health care team will be in charge of your care. Because

health care often involves many different providers, it is important

that one provider or team have overall responsibility. You can expect

to know whom to contact when you need help or have a problem.

--- We will involve you in decisions about your care. Your

preferences will be met whenever possible and medically appropriate.

We will listen to your concerns and discuss them with you.

--- We will strive to meet your physical comfort needs. This includes

help with things like pain management, eating, bathing, or getting to

the bathroom while in the hospital. It also includes maintaining

privacy during examinations and tests when an inpatient or

outpatient. We will ensure proper facilities for veterans with

special needs.

--- We will provide support to meet your emotional needs. We will

encourage you to share any anxieties and fears you may have about

your condition or treatment. You can expect our staff to be sensitive

to your feelings and help you deal with your health care experience.

--- We will take responsibility for coordination of your care. Health

care can be very complicated, and many patients need to see more than

one health care professional. We will ensure that all your providers

talk with each other and give you clear plans for your care. If you

need a specialist, you can expect us to make all arrangements to

ensure one is provided for you.

--- We will strive to provide information and education about your

health care that you understand. You can also expect us to try to

answer your questions in a way that you understand.

--- We will provide opportunities to involve your family in your

care. Whether your family is involved, however, should generally be

your choice.

--- We will provide smooth transition between your inpatient and

outpatient care. You can expect to understand what medicines you are

to take, what danger signals to look out for, and what activity level

you can have after discharge. You can expect to know whom to contact

if you need help or advice right away, and when your first follow-up

appointment is.
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