Document Name: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: The Research & Acad. Comm. (19 of 23) Part II
Date: 09/01/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: The Research & Acad. Comm. (19 of 23) Part II

Author: Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review

Date: September, 1994

--- Mathematics and science: The nation's students will be first in

the world in mathematics and science achievement.

--- Adult literacy and lifelong learning: Every adult American will

be literate and will possess the knowledge and skills necessary to

compete in a global economy and exercise the rights and

responsibilities of citizenship.

--- Safe, disciplined, and drug-free schools: Every school in the

United States will be free of drugs, violence, and the unauthorized

presence of firearms and alcohol, and will offer a disciplined

environment conducive to learning.

--- Teacher education and professional development: The nation's

teaching force will have access to programs for the continued

improvement of its professional skills and the opportunity to acquire

the knowledge and skills needed to instruct and prepare all American

students for the next century.

--- Parental participation: Every school will promote partnerships

that will increase parental involvement and participation in

promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of children.

Impact Aid


Grants available to local school systems whose resources are affected

by federal operations.

Based on a customer survey indicating that more than half of our

customers were dissatisfied with the timeliness of their payments, we

instituted a new standard:

--- All applicants that submit a problem-free application receive

their payments within 45 days of receipt.

Office for Civil Rights


Responding promptly to complaints, we revised our complaint

resolution procedures to provide better service and faster resolution

of civil rights complaints filed against educational institutions:

--- Within five days of receipt, we respond to all complaints and

provide information on complaint resolution procedures.

--- We offer all parties a range of options, such as mediation, early

complaint resolution, and fact-finding conferences.

Student Financial Assistance Program


The Student Financial Assistance Program has established a Customer

Support Inquiry Service that provides a single point of contact for

answers to policy questions and resolves issues that cut across

postsecondary programs. This service is provided to postsecondary

institutions, lenders, guaranty agencies, and other financial


--- Once a question is posed and forwarded to the appropriate person,

we respond within three days.


Department of Energy


Industrial Competitiveness


By partnering with our customers, we will develop integrated program

plans that improve partnerships in a measurable way; we'll work with

public and private business networks to reach small businesses, which

create 80 percent of the new jobs in the United States. We will

streamline our partnership process by reducing cycle time, cutting

red tape, and being more responsive to our customers' needs and


--- Effective immediately, Cooperative Research and Development

Agreements (CRADAs) will be processed in less than 16 weeks on


--- Effective immediately, we will devote no less than 15 percent of

the department's research and development resources toward

partnerships with the private sector.

--- We will increase grants to minority education from $24 million in

1993 to $75 million in 1995. We will increase contracts with small,

minority, and women-owned businesses from $3.3 billion in 1993 to

$4.5 billion by October 1994, resulting in equal opportunities to

form partnerships will the department's programs, laboratories, and


Science and Technology


Financial Assistance

Basic and applied research supported by the Science and Technology

business line will ensure the development of new technologies that

advance fundamental research capabilities and reduce costs, as

indicated by the high quality and relevance to mission applications

that emerge from the research. This quality and relevance is assured

through the use of peer/merit review process that selects awardees

that supplement and complement the work of the DOE National

Laboratories. This process is being streamlined and is addressed by

the following standards:

--- By June 1995, improve response to customer applications by

acknowledgment in writing within 30 days of receipt.

--- By June 1995, extend utilization of scientific/technical merit

review for all accepted proposals. Each proposal will be reviewed by

at least three qualified reviewers.

--- Reduce the time for determination of awards by October 1996.

Solicited applications will be decided within one year; unsolicited

applications will be decided within six months.


Department of Housing and Urban Development


Policy Development and Research


Researches and evaluates how HUD programs function and how they can

be improved.

--- PD&R will publish and mail to all organizations on the PD&R

database a list of topics and research issues that constitute the

current research agenda.

--- PD&R will utilize the full range of contracting mechanisms to

allow participation by all types of organizations in HUD research.

PD&R will target a portion of its contracting to organizations that

have not traditionally participated in HUD research, including small

and minority- and women-owned businesses.

--- PD&R will continue to clarify and simplify its Requests for

Proposals and hold pre-proposal conferences whenever necessary.

--- PD&R staff will keep abreast of the latest analytical techniques

and research methodologies.


Department of the Interior


Bureau of Mines


Provides information on minerals for use in assessing U.S. economic

and defense needs.

--- You will be treated with courtesy every time you contact us.

--- We will provide you with all the information you need, or obtain

the information for you, with a minimum number of referrals to other


--- When you call our public inquiries number for service, you will

reach us on the first call.

--- We will answer your requests as quickly as possible. If we cannot

give you the information you need at the time you call, we will do so

within one working day or call you back to let you know the progress

we are making on your request.

--- When you write to us requesting general information materials, we

will mail them to you within one working day. When you write and ask

for more specific technical information, we will respond within five

working days with either the information you need or a postcard

acknowledging receipt of your request and reporting the status of our


--- We will provide you easy access to our information. You can talk

to us from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

--- We will make our information available electronically (INTERNET,

CD-ROM, Mines FAXBACK) and give you the instructions and information

you need to take advantage of these sources.

National Biological Survey


Provides biological and ecological information to both the public and

private sectors.

--- Research Information Bulletins edited and prepared for

distribution within 60 days of submission of the draft manuscript.

--- Immediate electronic access to Research Information Bulletins

that have already been edited and prepared for distribution.

--- Literature searches completed and sent to clients within five

days of receipt of their request.

--- Research findings are tested for scientific quality through peer

review by other qualified scientists before publication.

--- 80 percent or more of our products rated by clients at or above

level three on the following satisfaction scale:

4. Very satisfied

3. Satisfied

2. Dissatisfied

1. Very dissatisfied

--- These products will be accompanied by "Client Response" sheets

inviting clients to voluntarily rate and comment on them. Results

will be monitored and used in pursuit of constant improvement.

--- Our long-term goal is to achieve an average client satisfaction

rating very near level 4 -- "very satisfied."

U.S. Geological Survey


Minerals Information Offices

--- Each customer will be treated with dignity, respect, and


--- Each request will be researched using all means available to

provide the highest quality response.

--- Each request will be analyzed to determine what data are

available that best suits each customer's needs. A plan will be

developed to deliver the response in the format that best suits those


--- Requests will be filled immediately, if possible; if not

possible, a time for the reply will be established.

--- Opportunities for additional service will be explored with each

customer, as needed.

National Earthquake Information Center

--- We will provide information 24 hours a day on the location and

magnitude of significant earthquakes in the United States and around

the world.

--- Rapid reports will be issued for earthquakes that register at

least magnitude 4.5 or greater in the United States, any felt and

damaging earthquakes, or earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 elsewhere or

when damage has occurred. This information will be provided within 20

to 30 minutes of the time of the event.

--- You will be treated with courtesy every time you contact us.

--- We will provide you with information about other USGS products,

services, and other sources of information if possible.

--- Orders for CD-ROMs, software products, publications, maps, and

posters will be processed within five working days of receipt. Under

special circumstances, such as after a major, damaging earthquake, a

time for the reply will be established.

Reston Earth Science Information Center

--- We will treat each customer with courtesy and respect.

--- We will provide quick, thorough, and responsive access to product

information and ordering including the 1-800 number and electronic


--- We will eliminate processes, procedures, and rules that are

roadblocks to success.

--- There will be no unreconcilable mistakes allowed in the handling

of the customers' accounts or money.

Technology Information Center and Microcomputer Training Center in

Denver, Colorado

Offers classes in how to use the USGS databases.

Before class:

--- Between 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. we will take your registration

information by phone and immediately register you in the first

available class.

--- You may leave a message at any other time and you will be called

back within one working day.

--- You will be sent a confirmation letter within one day of your

registration listing class prerequisites, date, time, and location.

During class:

--- Classes will begin on time.

--- The latest version of the software will be loaded and ready to

go, and all sample files will be loaded.

--- You will receive either comprehensive notes for the class or a

textbook to take with you.

After class:

--- We will answer questions on the subjects we teach.

Our commitment to you:

--- We will help you as soon as possible.

--- We will not keep you waiting unnecessarily.

--- If a staff person cannot answer the phone personally, your call

will be returned the same day.

Washington Administrative Service Center

The lead Interior organization for supporting the information systems

needs of other Interior bureaus and other federal agencies.

We will:

--- Provide fully integrated systems to process the administrative

workload and to attain the maximum effectiveness from our staff.

--- Implement a Customer Service Level Agreement (CSLA) between the

WASC and its customers.

--- CSLAs will be customized to meet the technical support services

required by each customer.

--- CSLAs will measure, monitor, analyze, and project current and

future hardware, software, telecommunications, and user assistance.

--- Annual reviews of each CSLA will be scheduled between both

parties to discuss and modify the document.

--- A complaint process will be established to resolve problems.

--- The WASC will advise the customer of the status of their problem

within 24 hours of initial contact.

--- The WASC will maintain a hot-line number for emergency


--- WASC technical staff will be on call "around the clock."


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Education and Materials Services


Advances the nation's education goals through expanding and enhancing

the scientific technological competence of all students and


We will provide:

--- A physical presence in each state (through the NASA Teacher

Resource Center Network, precollege outreach programs, and the Space

Grant College and Fellowship Program).

--- Electronic information systems (NASA television, NASA Spacelink,

and FEDIX).

Mission to Planet Earth


Provides the foundation for long-term environment and climatic

monitoring and prediction.

In July 1994, the prototype of the EOSDIS, Version 0, became

available with some operational elements. The fully operational

EOSDIS will:

--- Fill 95 percent of all user requests to the system within 72


--- Provide for continuous production of geophysical and biophysical

data products flowing from the Earth Observing System by the year



National Archives and Records Administration


Accesses, arranges, describes, preserves, and makes available to the

public the historically valuable records of the three branches of


--- We will treat all of our customers with courtesy.

--- We will meet or beat our established deadlines for providing

customer service.

--- We will provide to our customers competent service by

knowledgeable staff.

--- We will provide informational products to meet our customers'


If you call or visit one of our facilities:

--- You will find Archives staff and volunteers available in all

offices to assist you during posted business hours. Our business

hours will be prominently posted at all sites and noted in our

brochures and through other information sources.

If you visit one of our facilities for research:

--- You will receive the records you request for use in our research

rooms within one hour of your request or, in research rooms that have

pull schedules, within one hour of the next pull time. If a delay is

encountered, you will be notified of the problem and given an

indication of when the records will be available.

--- You will receive the information or assistance you need on how to

use our self-service holdings within 15 minutes of signing into a

research room.

--- In Federal Records Centers, the records you requested will be

waiting for you at your appointed time.

If you write to us about our holdings:

--- You will be sent a response to your written request about our

holdings within 10 work days after we receive your letter. If we

cannot provide a full response within that time, we will tell you

that we have received your request and tell you how long we expect it

will take before we can provide a full reply.

If you need information about the National Archives:

--- You can obtain timely and up-to-date information about NARA, its

services, and holdings through the Internet and other on-line

services, our fax-on-demand service, through printed publications, or

by contacting one of our offices.

If you need information about government rules and announcements:

--- You will be provided with timely information on a daily basis

through the Federal Register on the following:

-- presidential proclamations and executive orders

-- proposed rules and final regulations

-- public meetings

-- federal grants

This information is published in print and in electronic form by the

Government Printing Office.

If things go wrong:

--- If our service has not matched our values and standards for

customer service, we want to know so that we can do something about

it and get it right the next time. Our local complaints and

suggestions procedures are as follows. You may:

-- Ask to speak to the person you dealt with.

-- Use our Suggestion/Complaint comment form (NA Form 14045). You

can mail it or drop it in the box provided. Or, you can simply write

us a letter. If you request a reply, we will provide a response

within seven working days.

-- Speak or write to the supervisor in charge. If we cannot solve

your problem immediately, we will provide a response within seven

working days.

If you are still not satisfied that we have handled your complaint or

provided the service we promised, you can write to the Assistant

Archivist for the office with which you have been dealing.


National Science Foundation


In implementing the services for funding the most meritorious

projects in its research and science, mathematics and engineering

education programs, NSF is committed to:

--- Disseminate information about NSF practices and policies widely

among grantees and potential grantees. Make program announcements and

solicitations available to relevant individuals and organizations at

least two months prior to any deadline for proposals.

--- Specify clearly the guidelines for content/preparation of

proposals, criteria, and process for selecting award recipients, and

reporting and other special award requirements.

--- Conduct a fair and reasonable review of all proposals.

--- Make a final decision on proposals and inform the applicants of

the decisions within six months of the NSF's receipt of the proposal.

--- Provide information that explains the final funding decision

regarding the proposal.

For services to award recipients in the post-award period, NSF is

committed to:

--- Allow for page charges and related publication costs on awards.

--- Normally not restrict, or take any part of income from,

publications of writings produced under research, education, or

training awards.

--- Permit inventing organizations usually to retain patent rights.

--- Reference in award documents the terms and conditions necessary

for the recipient organization to administer the awards.

--- Provide timely, clear, and appropriate responses to requests by

grantees of clarification of award terms and conditions, for

approvals and requests for additional funding, and for administrative

or technical advice related to the award or award activity.

For the service of providing information and analyses on the status

and needs of the sciences and fields of engineering and on scientific

and engineering resources to the policy and research communities, NSF

commits itself to:

--- Publish data that accurately represent survey results and are

free of subjective commentary.

--- Document the presentation of the data so that readers can assess

readily the limitations of the data.


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