Document Name: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: U.S. Gov. & Fed Empls (22 of 23)
Date: 09/01/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: U.S. Gov. & Fed Empls (22 of 23)

Author: Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review

Date: September, 1994


The U.S. Government and Federal Employees



Department of Commerce


Bureau of the Census


Congressional Affairs Office

Handles congressional queries for statistical information.

--- We will be attentive and serve you with courtesy. Your data needs

are important, and a Congressional Specialist will assist you

politely and responsively.

--- We will meet most of your information and data requests within 24

hours. Many of your needs will be met the very same day they reach

us. If we are unable to do this, we will act on most requests by the

following workday. Should we need more time to prepare data that are

not "on the shelf," we will give you a good-faith estimate, within 24

hours, of the time needed to prepare your customized product on a

priority basis, and we will deliver it to you immediately upon


--- We will call upon subject or statistical experts, if needed, to

service your needs for data and other information. In the event our

Congressional Specialists are unable to provide certain service or

data product directly, we have established an agencywide

Congressional Liaison system to identify the person best suited to

help you in the timeliest way possible.

--- We will ask you about your level of satisfaction and areas where

we need to improve. We conducted surveys of your staffs to help us

evaluate our service. We will repeat this process periodically to

gain quantitative and qualitative insights with which to continue

improving our data and information deliveries to you.

--- We will provide you Resources for the Congress, your convenient

reference binder to our programs and services. You can expect to

receive this basic reference during the autumn of each year.

--- We will expand our services to you beyond Capitol Hill. Your

staffs in home state or district offices can expect to receive

selected data products, identical to the ones we provided your

Washington staff. Our 12 regional offices will acquaint your staffs

at home with our data products and services. And, starting with the

1995 census test, we will implement a Congressional Partnership Plan

for the 2000 Census of Population and Housing, eventually putting us

in touch with each Member of Congress and their staffs.

Governments Division Reimbursable Surveys


Conducts public sector surveys on behalf of other federal agencies.

--- We will review survey requests for relevance to our mission,

skills and capabilities, and available resources.

--- We will review the cost of survey options, and work to tailor

projects to sponsor requirements and available resources.

--- We will communicate with sponsors in the following ways:

-- Negotiate an agreement that defines the scope of work, the

performance period, and estimated costs.

-- Review project deliverables.

-- Develop work plan and provide schedule.

-- Provide regular progress and cost reports.

-- Review intermediate products.

-- Develop contingency plans and provide advance alerts as

contingencies arise.

-- Obtain survey response/participation consistent with

professional standards, sponsor needs, and available resources.

-- Maintain appropriate data confidentiality guarantees.

-- Evaluate product output by assessing data reliability (e.g.,

sample and non-sample error).

-- Provide detailed documentation of methodology.

-- Evaluate project effectiveness through debriefings.

-- Use the best available technology, including technology that

you request to meet your requirements for cost and deliverables.


Department of Defense


Defense Commissary Agency


Runs commissaries at military installations.

Our customers have the right to:

--- Professional, courteous service.

--- A clean, pleasant store.

--- Fresh, high-quality merchandise.

--- Well-stocked shelves.

--- The best possible prices.

--- Quick, efficient checkout.

Our employees have the right to:

--- Fair and equal treatment.

--- Challenge work processes with new ideas.

--- Express their views and have them fairly considered.

--- Expect a commitment to quality.

--- Put quality first.

--- Feel true pride in their workmanship.

Legislative Affairs


Congressional requests for hearings, etc.:

--- Employees maintain close contact with clients within the

department to ensure that deadlines for submission of testimony are

met and participate in events scheduled to prepare the DOD witness

for the hearing.

--- Employees maintain a dialogue with their customers on Capitol

Hill to ensure that the department receives a thorough explanation of

the require-ment of the hearing, meeting, or briefing.

Congressional constituent inquiries:

--- Replies to Congressional, General Public, and White House

correspondence shall be overseen by the Correspondence Control

Division (CCD) in accordance with the standards of Administrative

Instruction Number 7, DOD Manual for Written Material.

Personnel and Readiness


Military Recruiting

Military recruiting stresses a total-quality approach that

underscores teamwork and a strong customer focus as the foundation of

our commitment to customer service. To make our military recruiting

force more accessible to our customers, we have established:

--- Convenient locations for our recruiting facilities.

--- Pleasant, professional-looking offices.

--- Comfortable reception areas.

Recruitment advertising also is an essential component of our image

to customers. Each year we invest about $125 million for television

and radio spots (35 percent), magazine and newspaper advertisements

(15 percent), and a range of promotional material, including direct

mail programs. These efforts inform youth -- and those who influence

their decisions -- of Armed Forces opportunities.


Department of State


Office of Foreign Missions


The goal of the Department of State is to establish, for foreign

nations' diplomatic and consular missions and their personnel, a

regime of service which is readily understood, simple in execution,

and sensitive to the time constraints of the consumers involved. OFM

currently operates the following programs which are subject to the

provisions of this Customer Service Plan:

--- Diplomatic Motor Vehicles

--- Goods and Services

--- Travel

--- Real Property

--- Customs

--- Tax Exemption

Note: The established standards for each of these programs are

spelled out in applicable diplomatic notes which have been used to

notify the customers involved. The standards employed are governed by

our commitment to quality but tempered by reciprocity as required.


Department of the Treasury


Bureau of Engraving and Printing


Prints and provides paper money to the Federal Reserve Banks and

prints stamps for the U.S. Postal Service.

Paper money:

--- You can expect us to deliver 100 percent of your orders for

currency to the Federal Reserve banks each week. We will measure

compliance on a monthly basis by reporting the proportion of total

orders completed to the total number of items delivered.

--- You can expect us to conduct an audit of your currency

destruction activities annually.

--- You can expect us to assist you in calibrating your currency

verification systems equipment monthly.

--- You can expect us to respond within 24 hours to complaints

regarding discrepancies in shipments or defects in product quality.


--- You can expect us to deliver 100 percent of agreed upon postage

stamp orders to you in accordance with your 13 accounting periods. We

measure compliance daily by reporting the proportion of total orders

completed and a count of items delivered. The measure is calculated

by the proportion of the total stamps ordered and a count of stamps

delivered to the USPS vault. Feedback can be directed to our Office

of Production Management, (202) 874-2615.

--- We measure our effectiveness by verifying the production and

shipment schedules. Finished goods produced in advance for the

convenience of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing are not billed to

you until delivery. You can call the Office of Production Management,

(202) 874-2615, with any questions.

--- We respond to your request for a change in production scheduling

within 24 hours.

--- Once we make a proposal for a revised production schedule, you

can expect us to deliver within the parameters of that proposal.

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center


Trains federal, state, and local law officials.

--- We will maintain Administrative Services at a level 4, as

measured by the Student Feedback System.

--- We will maintain Program Services at a level 5, as measured by

the Student Feedback System.

--- We will maintain a rating of 90 percent for customer services in

the 1994 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

--- We will train 100 percent of your Basic Students.

U.S. Mint


Mints and supplies coins to the Federal Reserve Banks.

--- We will work to improve our ability to meet Federal Reserve Bank

coin requirements and to maintain inventories at sufficient levels to

fulfill Federal Reserve Banks' coin distribution mission.

--- We will maintain and update a pallet tracking system to assure

prompt and accurate accounting of pallets shipped and returned.

--- We will coordinate and communicate planned shipments quarterly in

accordance with your orders.

U.S. Secret Service


Conducts investigations to assist U.S. Attorneys with their

prosecutions of crimes involving counterfeiting, forgery, and other

kinds of fraud.

Because we want to provide the U.S. Attorneys with completed

investigations consistent with their prosecution priorities, the

Secret Service has set the following standards for this relationship:

--- A minimum of 25 percent of all U.S. Attorneys or their designees

will be interviewed each year by a representative of the Director of

the Secret Service. These interviews will ensure that the needs and

priorities of the U.S. Attorney's Office are being met by the local

Secret Service Office.

--- Special Agents in Charge will maintain ongoing and frequent

liaison with U.S. Attorneys in their districts.

--- Specific service standards agreements will be determined after

consultations between the Secret Service and each U.S. Attorney.

These standards will be tailored to reflect the unique needs of each

U.S. Attorney and the respective judicial district.


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Conducts hearings and appeals on complaints of employment

discrimination, establishes principles for affirmative action plans,

and conducts training and informational activities for the federal


You can expect us to:

--- Treat you with respect and dignity.

--- Look at the way we do business and the way we relate to you and

others using our procedures; we want to find ways to improve the

quality and speed of our services.

--- Involve charging parties like you to help us understand what you

want, what you need, and what you think about the way we serve you.

--- Support our front-line employees by giving them the tools and

knowledge they need to provide the best possible service to you.

--- Strengthen our commitment to customer service.


Executive Office of the President


Admittance to the White House Complex


Manages admittance process to the complex.

We will base our success on how well we meet the following standards:

--- To greet all customers in a friendly manner.

--- To expedite your entry to the Complex.

--- To ensure that appointments are made correctly and in a timely

manner to minimize delay.

--- To provide a comfortable waiting environment for customers should

there be an unlikely delay.

--- To continually educate White House Complex employees about the

admittance process.

EOP Libraries


Operates general reference libraries in the White House Complex.

We will base our success on how well we continue to ensure the

following standards:

--- That the libraries meet your immediate needs.

--- That library staff is helpful, knowledgeable, and professional.

--- That you are given the necessary tools to be able to quickly find

what you need.

--- That information you need is available through the libraries.

White House Conference Rooms


Provides conference support for the Executive Office of the


We will base our success on how well we continue to ensure the

following standards:

--- That the conference rooms fully meet your expectations

--- That you receive accurate and helpful assistance at all stages of

the conference room process.

--- That your schedulers are given clear directions for how to

reserve conference rooms

--- That the conference rooms are well maintained (lighting,

heating/cooling, quiet environment)

--- That the room is ready at the time of your event.


General Services Administration


GSA has established the following standards to help guide its

relations with its federal customers:


--- Competitive prices at the quality specified.

--- Added value for the prices GSA is paid.

--- Value as defined by our customers.


--- Products and services of consistently high quality.


--- Timely delivery of products and services.

--- Prompt response to customer inquiries and requirements.

Ease of accessibility and convenience of service process:

--- Competent and knowledgeable staff.

--- Ease of access to people who can help.

Fleet Management System



--- Rates paid by customers for vehicles, including maintenance and

fuel, are below the average rate for commercial lease of comparable

models, including maintenance and fuel.


--- Customer satisfaction with the quality of the vehicles provided

at the rates charged will be maintained at a 90 percent level.

--- Customer satisfaction with repairs to vehicles will be maintained

at an 85 percent level.


--- Vehicles will be replaced within the time frames agreed upon by

the Interagency Fleet Management System and customers at a 90 percent

satisfaction level.

--- Establish a period of time for vehicle maintenance and repair

activities that is acceptable to the customer at a 90 percent

satisfaction level.

Ease of accessibility and convenience of service process:

--- Customer questions, problems, and concerns will be resolved by

Fleet Management Centers within five working days.

--- A Maintenance Control Center technician will be on the line with

a customer within 75 seconds of the call being answered.

--- The SF 149 and SF 149A credit card used by customers will be

accepted at fueling stations convenient for the customer at a 90

percent satisfaction level.

Fleet Management Services, Region 2



--- Offer the best prices with the most comprehensive service by

continuously comparing our services to those in the many commercial

fleet rental operations.

--- Achieve a 95 percent approval rating on a customer survey that

asks about the overall value customers feel they receive from Fleet

Management Services.


--- Ensure customers get the best possible service and products by

disseminating survey information to all field locations and

developing regional goals and strategies for aggressive customer


--- Offer an open line of communication inviting feedback through our

Fleet News to ensure immediate attention to customer problems.

--- Maintain face-to-face communication with our customers by making

regular visits and offering a yearly Interagency Motor Equipment

Advisory Committee conference.

--- Achieve a 95 percent approval rating on a customer survey that

asks about the overall quality of service customers feel they receive

from Fleet Management Services.


--- Provide strategically located Fleet Management Centers (FMCs) and

sublocations throughout the region to offer the most complete line of

vehicle leasing services in the United States, with highly trained

fleet employees performing regular, timely on-site visits to ensure

continued customer satisfaction.

--- Customers will wait no more than 30 minutes to terminate old

vehicle assignment and receive new vehicle.

--- Customers will receive new vehicles within 30 days from their

receipt at the FMC.

--- Customers experiencing downtime of more than five days will

receive a permanent replacement vehicle. (Vehicles involved in

accidents will not be down for more than 45 days.)

--- Customers calling the Centralized Maintenance Control Center are

helped within one minute of hearing the recording.

--- Vendor invoices are certified for payment within five days and

forwarded to finance.

Ease of accessibility and convenience of service processes:

--- All customers' inquiries received before noon are answered no

later than before the close of business the same day.

--- All customer inquiries received after noon are answered no later

than by noon the next business day.

--- Provide eight Fleet Management Centers (FMCs), five sublocations,

and various sale sites to afford our customers the convenience and

accessibility to accomplish a speedy vehicle drop-off or exchange as

well as giving customers better access to fleet personnel.

--- No fleet customer will ever be without access to emergency

service. An "after hours" and weekend hotline for customers'

convenience will be established.

Office of FTS2000



--- Overhead rates will not exceed 8 percent.

--- Prices paid by customers will remain below the average of the

lowest commercial rates.


--- Grade of service (blocking of switched voice and switched data

service) will not exceed 5 percent.

--- The number of switched voice service troubles reported per

100,000 attempted calls will not exceed five.

--- FTS2000 service providers will meet the scheduled service order

due date 95 percent of the time.


--- Mean time to repair switched voice service, switched data

service, and Dedicated Transmission Service network troubles will not

exceed four hours.

--- Processing of service enhancement contract modifications will be

completed within 135 work days from receipt of proposal.

--- Agency's requests for exceptions to FTS2000 will be responded to

within 15 working days from date of receipt of request to date of


--- Monthly statements of account will be issued to customers by the

16th of the month following receipt of invoices.

Ease of accessibility and convenience of service process:

--- Customer satisfaction with the overall handling of trouble

reports by the FTS2000 service providers will be maintained at a 95

percent level.

--- 95 percent of the issues raised during our annual Users' Forums

will be resolved as scheduled.


Office of Personnel Management


Federal Employment Information System


Serves job seekers by providing information on federal employment.

To assist you as a federal job seeker:

--- We will provide you with courteous and timely service.

--- We will update our nationwide job listings every business day.

--- We will have Employment Information Specialists available to

answer your questions.

--- We will provide 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week access to

nationwide job information and application request services through a

variety of electronic media.

--- We will respond to your requests for applications and/or routine

information within one business day.

--- We will use your suggestions and complaints to improve our

service continually. We will always remember we work for you, the

American public.

Office of Insurance Programs


Federal Employees Health Benefits

--- Your choice of health benefits plans will compare favorably for

value and selection with the private sector.

--- When you use the FEHB Guide and plan benefit brochures, you will

find they are clear, factual, and give you the information you need.

--- When you change plans or options, you should receive your new

identification card within 45 days after your new plan gets your

enrollment form from your agency.

--- Your fee-for-service plan should pay your claims within 20 work

days; if more information is needed, it should pay within 60 days.

--- If you ask us to review a claim dispute with your plan, our

decision will be fair and easy to understand, and we will send it to

you within 60 days.

--- If you need to do more before we can review a claim dispute, we

will tell you within 14 work days what you still need to do.

Retirement and Insurance Group


Office of Retirement Programs

For our new customers (retiring employees):

--- We will make your transition to retirement as seamless as

possible. As agencies begin to participate in this program, your

federal income tax and direct deposit arrangements will be

automatically maintained by us.

--- Your first annuity payment will probably be on its way to you

within five working days from when we receive your retirement papers

from your agency. If you are participating in the direct deposit

program, your account will be credited within seven working days. We

will meet this standard 90 percent of the time by the end of 1995.

--- You can expect to receive professional and personalized

information concerning your retirement and the status of your

application for benefits.

For our new customers (survivors of retirees):

--- We will be prepared to assist you in filing the paperwork needed

to obtain benefits. We will initiate processing your benefit when you

call us about your loss.

For our established customers (account holders):

--- You can count on our reliability: You will receive your recurring

benefit payment on the first business day of every month.

--- We will tailor our services to meet your needs. For example, we

will accept tax withholding requests based on dollar amounts or

exemptions and filing status. Your requests for this and other

selected services will be accepted by us either in writing or by


For both new and established customers:

--- We will assist you in a polite, courteous, and helpful manner,

whether it's on the telephone or in letters to you.


U.S. International Trade Commission


Furnishes studies, reports, and recommendations involving

international trade and tariffs to the President, Congress, and other

government agencies.

--- Staff will stay fully abreast of official commission activities

and determinations in order to provide complete and accurate

information and guidance to their customers.

--- Staff will greet all customers in a courteous and helpful manner,

and assist them by:

-- helping locate requested information,

-- putting the customer in direct contact with appropriate ITC

technical experts when inquiries exceed staff's own knowledge; and

-- helping customers find appropriate information sources outside

the ITC when inquiries are not related to the ITC's mission and


--- To the extent resources allow, staff will fulfill all requests

for published information, reports, and documents within 24 hours of

receiving the request.

--- To the extent resources allow, telephones will be answered

directly by staff. When voice mail must be used, it will be monitored

and responded to as promptly as possible. No call will be held

unacknowledged for more than 24 hours after its receipt.


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