Document Name: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Business (15 of 23)
Date: 09/01/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title: App B: Text of Cus. Svc. Stnds: Business (15 of 23)

Author: Vice President Al Gore's National Performance Review

Date: September, 1994





Department of Agriculture


Economic Agencies


Economic Research Service, World Agricultural Outlook Board, and

National Agricultural Statistics Service

Provide information and analyses for improving the performance of

agriculture and the well-being of rural America.

We will:

--- Respond to each customer in a courteous and helpful manner.

--- Accurately direct you to the person or agency with the

information you need.

--- Provide complete, accurate information about our programs,

products, and services in plain language.

--- Make it easy to find and order reports.

--- Deliver promised information promptly.

--- Explain why, when we cannot meet your request.

--- Deliver services without discrimination on the basis of race,

color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political

beliefs, and marital or family status.

Service you can expect from the ERS-NASS sales desk:

--- Your call will be answered promptly and courteously by a

knowledgeable operator. Occasionally, the volume of calls may require

that your call be placed on hold for a short time, but we won't

forget you!

--- If you are calling for the first time, the operator will ask for

your name and address and will give you a customer ID number to

expedite your next order.

--- Orders for monographs, electronic data products, and single

copies of periodicals will be mailed first-class within five working


--- Payment choices include MasterCard or Visa, or check or money

order (U.S. funds only).

--- You will receive two renewal notices before subscriptions expire.

--- ERS-NASS operators can answer your questions regarding the

current status of your account, including payment, issues due,

billing, and other questions. Errors will be corrected promptly.

--- You can request expedited shipment of your order via Federal

Express at your expense.

Field Service Centers


Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service, Farmers Home

Administration, Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, Rural Development

Administration, and Soil Conservation Service

Provide one-stop shopping for USDA assistance.

--- You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

--- You will be assisted by a polite, responsive, and knowledgeable

staff. If we get things wrong, we will explain what happened and will

make them right.

--- You will be given prompt and reliable service.

--- We want to respond quickly and accurately to your requests for

information, loans, payments, and technical assistance. We will put

you in touch with the person on our staff who can best handle your

request. If we cannot handle your request quickly, we will tell you

how long it will take. We are working on more specific standards for

each of our services and will have these to you by June 1995.

--- You will be given information that is clear, reliable, and easy

to understand.

--- We will explain to you how our programs work, what benefits you

can receive, whether you are eligible, and how you can apply. We are

committed to making sure the information we give you meets your

needs. We want to work with you to continually improve the

information we give you and the way you receive it.

--- You will be given forms that are easy to understand and complete.

Our forms are an important way of getting information from you. We

want to continually improve them so that they are easy for you to

fill out and provide us with the information we need to serve you.

When we revise our forms or create new ones, we will consider to your


--- We will work closely with other government agencies such as the

Cooperative Extension Service and state and local agencies to ensure

that our work is mutually supportive and our policies and regulations

are consistent.

Food Safety and Inspection Service


Ensures that meat and poultry products that cross state borders are

safe, wholesome, and accurately labeled.

You can expect FSIS to:

--- Be innovative, forward-thinking, and continue to look for ways to

improve how we inspect meat and poultry products and protect the

public health.

--- Provide you with up-to-date information on food safety issues

through the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline (1-800-535-4555).

--- Solicit and consider your ideas to assist us in making policy and

program improvements.

--- Provide uniform inspection in meat and poultry plants across the

United States and hold them all to the same high standards.

--- Ensure that the meat and poultry products you buy have safe-

handling instructions on them.

--- Investigate and prosecute people and businesses that violate meat

and poultry laws.

--- Continue working with industry to improve our current inspection

system using new science and technological advances.

National Biological Control Institute


Promotes, facilitates, and provides leadership to reduce populations

of pest species below natural levels in rural and urban areas.

When you contact us, we will be:

--- Courteous and respectful. Your views and needs are important to

us, and you can expect professional treatment, objectivity and

confidentiality when appropriate.

--- Clear. We will explain to you what we do, how our programs work,

and how you can apply. If our information is hard to understand, tell

us and we will try to make it easier to understand.

--- Accessible. We are available to talk to individuals,

organizations, school groups about our services. Contact us by

letter, phone, fax, or through our bulletin board system.

--- Fair. Our services will be objective, irrespective of your race,

sex, age, religion, or disability.

--- Ethical. We strive to meet the highest scientific and ethical


--- Entrepreneurial. We will help you solve pest problems through

building partnerships, averaging resources, and focusing efforts. We

will help you identify your pest management needs and obtain

information. If we cannot meet your needs, we will try to put you in

touch with someone who can.

--- Efficient. Information will normally be provided on the same day

of your request. If research is needed to help with your need, we

will try to estimate accurately how long it will take. If obstacles

are met that delay our response, we will tell you, and try to offer


--- Open. We work for you, and continually seek your views, listen to

your needs, and take appropriate action based on them. If you are not

satisfied with any aspect of our service, tell us so we can correct

the problem. If we make a mistake, we will tell you and correct it.

Rural Development Administration


Guarantees quality loans to help improve the economic and

environmental conditions in rural communities.

We will:

--- Provide you with all the necessary advice, guidance, and referral

to other credit when appropriate along with our values and beliefs in

the preparation of your loan application.

--- Ensure that you are promptly provided, within seven working days,

copies of relevant materials when you notify our State Director that

you are considering an application.

--- Conduct a review of your loan application to verify completeness

and compliance with applicable requirements within 10 working days

after receiving the application.

--- Discuss all issues concerning your application with you and the

lender within five working days after completion of our review.

--- Forward all appropriate documents to the national office when

required within seven working days upon completion of the review.

--- Issue the loan guarantee for your loan within two working days

from the time the lending institution holds the final loan closing.

Rural Electrification Administration


Provides direct and guaranteed loans for electrification,

telecommunications, and rural economic development programs.

The REA field representative will:


--- Provide advice and guidance to distribution borrowers to help

them prepare their loan applications.

--- Ensure that the borrower is promptly provided with copies of

relevant materials when a borrower notifies the REA that it is

considering an application.

--- Conduct a review of loan applications received to verify

completeness and compliance with requirements.

--- Discuss issues concerning the borrower's application.

--- Seek to complete the review within 15 working days after the

application is received.

--- Forward all completed applications promptly to the Washington


Acknowledgment to Borrower: Within seven working days after the

Washington office receives your application, REA will send you a

letter which includes or sets forth the following:

--- The application received date (APR).

--- That REA will notify the borrower no later than 90 calendar days

after the APR regarding the application's status (does not apply to

discretionary loans).

--- That updated information may be required at the time of loan


--- That final determination of the i

made until the time of loan approval.

--- That the borrower is required to notify REA promptly of any

changes in circumstances that may materially affect information in

the application.

--- Any additional information.

Second Notification to Borrower, Complete Applications: Within 90

days of the APR, if the application is complete, REA will send a

letter to the borrower with a copy to any supplemental lender to:

--- Advise that the application appears complete.

--- Verify the amount of the REA loan requested and the amount of any

supplemental loans.

--- Verify the interest rate category for which the loan appears to


--- Confirm the borrower's election of the call provision for

municipal rate loans (prepayment option).

--- Set forth any special conditions that may be placed on the loan,

and afford the borrower an opportunity to rectify the cause of the


--- Remind the borrower of its responsibility to notify REA

immediately of any changes in circumstances that might affect its

eligibility for a loan, or the interest rate category for the loan.

--- Provide the APR of loans currently being approved in the interest

rate category applicable to the loan.

Second Notification to Borrower, Materially Incomplete Applications:

--- Within 90 days of the APR, if the application is incomplete, or

if there are other problems, a letter will be sent informing the

borrower of the specific deficiencies, and requesting that the

borrower respond within 60 days. (Note: if the application is for a

discretionary loan, the second notification will not be sent until

the Administrator so directs.)

Final Review and Approval: Not later than 45 calendar days before

anticipated loan approval, REA will notify the borrower and GFR by

telephone to:

--- Give the approximate date when a decision about approval can be


--- Verify and, if necessary, update information previously submitted

by the borrower.

--- Inform the borrower of any change in the interest rate category

for which it qualifies. If applicable, request a board resolution to

reflect the new terms.

--- Request that the borrower submit certain updated information that

will be no older than 60 days at the expected time of loan approval.

--- Remind the borrower of its responsibility to submit information

about any changes in its circumstances that might affect its

eligibility for a loan, or its eligibility for the interest rate

category elected in its original board resolution.

--- Remind the borrower that REA reserves the right to request

additional information necessary to verify eligibility.

Deficient Applications: Prior to loan approval, if it is determined

that the requirements for approval cannot be met based on information

submitted by the borrower and other information known to REA, if the

borrower cannot or will not comply with REA regulation, or if the

borrower withdraws an application, REA will return one copy of the

application to the borrower accompanied by a cover letter.


Department of Commerce


Bureau of the Census


Data Users Services Division

Provides a variety of products and services based on Census data.

--- Phone calls. We will answer phone calls to the standard Customer

Services telephone number (301-763-4100) within one minute after the

introductory message ends.

--- Shipping orders. We will ship items for off-the-shelf orders

within one working day.

--- Custom orders. We will ship orders for custom products as stated

by the customer service representative.

--- Courtesy. Our telephone reference staff will be courteous,

knowledgeable, and businesslike.

--- Guarantee. We guarantee that you will be happy with our product

or you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

--- Complaints and questions. Customers phoning or faxing a complaint

or inquiry will receive an initial response within three hours. All

problems will be resolved within one working day.

Foreign Trade Data Service

Provides accurate and current information about U.S. foreign trade


Telephone inquiries:

--- We will answer every phone call (responses may be delayed on the

day statistics are released).

--- We will be courteous.

--- We will provide the most current information on U.S. foreign

trade to meet customer needs.

Customized tabulations:

--- We will process most orders for customized tabulations and

provide the results within 48 hours after we receive them. (During

press release times results will be provided within seven days).

--- We will thoroughly explain the content of available databases and

the cost of report options.

--- We will charge you no more than the cost of doing the customized


Standard subscriptions:

--- We will offer you a standard subscription if it is appropriate to

your request for foreign trade information.

--- We will thoroughly explain the content of the subscription

products and the cost of report options.

--- We will mail your subscription each month as soon as the foreign

trade statistics are released:

-- user-selected commodity reports on the day of release

-- press release and supplemental data (FT-900) on the day after


-- detailed CD-ROMs and other standard tabulations within seven


Bureau of Economic Analysis


Provides economic data on the U.S. economy and its position in the

global market.

--- BEA will meet its published annual calendar of news release

dates. Any changes in these dates will be announced as far in advance

as possible.

--- BEA will provide access to news releases on the EBB (Economic

Bulletin Board), EBB FAX, and recorded telephone messages at the time

of release.

--- BEA staff will respond to customer correspondence within five

business days.

--- BEA staff will return customer phone calls within one business


--- BEA will ship off-the-shelf products within three business days.

Economics and Statistics Administration



Provides business, trade, and economic information.

Files on the Economic Bulletin Board (EBB):

--- We will post all files on the EBB within 30 minutes of receipt

from the originating agency.

Order fulfillment:

--- We will ship CD-ROM orders by first-class mail the next business

day after we accept the order.

--- If we do not ship your order on the next business day, we will

send you one CD-ROM free.

Technical assistance:

--- All technical assistance calls will be resolved within 24 hours.

If the problem requires more time to resolve, we will keep you posted

of our progress.

--- If you forgot your EBB password, please give us 24 hours to

identify it. We will call the owner of the account back with the


--- We will do our best answer your questions. If we do not know the

answer, we will direct you to someone who does.


--- For our CD-ROM subscription services, you will receive a reminder

to renew the subscription 45 days in advance of the subscription

expiration date. If we do not receive payment from you, we will stop

the subscription.

--- For our EBB subscription service, we will include renewal charges

in your trimesterly bill. We will also send you additional reminder

notices. You will have 90 days after the date of the first bill to

return payment to us. If you cannot return payment to us within this

time period, we reserve the right to deactivate your account.

However, please contact us if you need additional time and we will

extend the grace period.

You can expect us to:

--- Give you our name when we answer the phone or write to you.

--- Be polite, considerate, open, and honest.

--- Give you accurate information about our products and services.

--- Apologize if we get things wrong, explain what happened, and make

things right.

--- Deliver our services fairly and to the same high standards to all

our clients regardless of sex, race, disability, religion, and age.

Person to person:

--- We will regularly ask our clients what they think of our services

-- and we will share those results with you.

--- STAT-USA wants to hear from you, whether it's good news or bad.

All of our managers can be reached by mail, telephone, or e-mail.

International Trade Administration


Helps U.S. businesses compete in the global marketplace.

Agency pledge:

--- When you contact ITA, we will provide prompt and courteous


--- We will seek to understand what is important to you and to meet

your needs.

--- We will strive to make our products and services equal to the

best in business.

Import Administration

Ensures that U.S. firms receive fair treatment on import and relief

from unfair trading practices.

We will:

--- Provide you with simple guidance for filing a petition or a zone


--- Provide a point of contact when you file an Anti-

Dumping/Countervailing Duties (AD/CVD) petition or a zone

application. You can receive status on your filing during our

business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

--- Make available public case records on any AD/CVD proceeding in

our Central Records Unit or provide a copy of the record at cost when

you call (202) 482-1780.

--- Provide you with a preliminary determination on an AD/CVD

petition within 120 days, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Trade Information Center

Serves as an information clearinghouse for international trade and

export promotion programs.

We will:

--- Provide a 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-USA-TRADE, for your use

in requesting information.

--- Provide the information you seek the first time you call. If we

can't provide the information you seek at the time of your call, we

will let you know when to expect our response.

--- Offer a choice, whenever possible, of your preferred information

format and method of delivery. Options may include hard copy

publication, electronic format (e.g., NTDB on CD-ROM or Internet) and


--- We will use your feedback to tailor our information to your


Trade Promotion and Exporter Services

Offers a variety of specialized products and services to U.S.

businesses to help them enter foreign markets.

We will:

--- Refer you to the appropriate specialist promptly and accurately.

--- Inform you when to expect delivery of a product or a service that

you request.

--- Tell you immediately about any fees relating to a product or

service that you request.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


National Marine Fisheries Service

Responsible for the stewardship of the nation's living marine life.

We will provide service by:

--- Developing, evaluating through client testing, and implementing

more efficient and easy-to-use data access technologies such as menu-

driven computer interfaces and facsimile transmissions of perishable


--- Development of new statistical databases and reports driven by

analyses of customer requests obtained through symposiums and


--- Including stakeholders in the development of new statistical data

collection systems, including long-range strategic planning efforts

for fisheries statistics in partnership with our state and federal


--- Regularly polling user needs and customer satisfaction through

customer surveys; participation in or conduct of workshops, advisory

panels, or committees on statistics.

--- Maintaining multiple oral and written, in-person and electronic

means of communication to our users, such as newsletters, electronic

mail forums, and face-to-face meetings to promote a healthy dialogue

and hear the voice of our customer.

National Technical Information Service


FedWorldTM On-line System

Acts as an information clearinghouse.

--- Your access to FedWorld will continue to be provided at no


--- Products you order by credit card for download will be delivered

within 30 seconds.

--- Your calls to the Help Desk will be answered by a person, not a

recording, 24 hours a day.

--- We will continue to make information accessible in whatever

electronic formats meet your needs and expectations.

Patent and Trademark Office

Examines and issues patents and trademarks.

--- We will treat our customers with courtesy each time they contact

us and, if appropriate, will direct them promptly to the proper

office or person.

--- If an employee being called is not available, they will return

the call by the next business day or, if requested by the caller, an

alternate point of contact will be provided.

--- We will ensure that our written communications clearly set forth

the technical, procedural, and legal position of patent examiners and

trademark examining attorneys.

--- Our correspondence with customers will be legible and of good

print quality.

--- We will widely disseminate information about changes in practice

and procedures to ensure that both employees and our customers know

about changes prior to their effective date.

--- We will respond to status letters within 30 days from the date


Patent standards:

--- We will deliver facsimile transmission of properly addressed

papers marked "Informal" or "Draft" to the examiner within one

business day. Facsimile transmissions of properly addressed formal

amendments after final rejection will be matched with the appropriate

files and delivered to the examiner within three business days of


--- We will correctly generate and mail a notice indicating the

application number, date of filing, and the title of invention for

complete, standard applications. These notices will be mailed within

19 calendar days of receipt of the application.

--- We will conduct a thorough search of relevant U.S. patents,

foreign patent literature, and non-patent literature contained in our

search files and, where appropriate, a reasonable search of other

non-patent literature during the patent examination process.

Trademark standards:

--- We will correctly generate and mail filing notices within 30 days

of receipt with a goal of reducing the processing time to 14 days by

September 30, 1995.

--- We will examine new applications and provide a written first

communication regarding registration within three months of the

filing date.

--- We will make a determination of the registrability of trademarks

within 13 months of receipt of the application in the PTO.

--- We will issue correct Notices of Abandonment within 45 days of

the date the file was abandoned.

--- We will issue correct Notices of Publishment within 30 days of

the date the file is approved.

--- We will mail correct certificates of registration within seven

days of the date of registration.


Department of Defense


Defense Finance and Accounting Service


We will provide prompt and accurate service for contractors/vendors:

--- Commercial invoices will be paid between 23 to 30 days.

--- Progress payments will be paid between five to seven days.

--- Cost vouchers will be paid between 12 to 14 days.

--- Interest penalty will be between 0 and .02 percent.

Defense Logistics Agency


Defense National Stockpile Center Sales

--- Customer telephone inquiries will be answered quickly and

efficiently. The goal is to answer them no later than the next

business day.

--- Mail inquiries will be answered within three business days.

--- Depots will be notified the same day that an award is made. This

enables the depot to immediately prepare goods for shipment with a

goal to have material ready for shipment within two business days of

the award.


Department of Housing and Urban Development


Government National Mortgage Association


Issues securities backed by Federal Housing Administration and

Veterans Administration guaranteed mortgages to increase the supply

of capital available to finance housing.

--- 95 percent of requests for commitment authority shall be

processed within 48 hours of receipt for issuers of good standing.

--- All investor telephone calls returned within 24 hours.

--- All investors' written correspondence will have a response

prepared for signature within 15 working days of receipt.

Office of Housing/Federal Housing Administration


Mortgagee Approval Process

Serves partners wishing to participate in the FHA mortgage insurance


A mortgagee submits an application with supporting documentation and

processing fee to the field staff.

--- Professional staff analyzes the materials submitted and makes

acceptability determination.

--- Staff makes an on-site visit assuming availability of staffing

and travel funds.

--- Field office submits recommendation for approval/disapproval to

headquarters. Final decision is made by headquarters.

--- Standard: Processing time from the date of receipt of the

application package to date of final approval/rejection is 45

calendar days.

Section 203(k) Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance Program provides

mortgage insurance for the purchase (or refinance) and rehabilitation

of single family properties.

--- Provides mortgage insurance after loan is closed by the mortgagee

and it is submitted to HUD.

--- Standard: Processing is completed and a mortgage certificate is

issued to the mortgagee within 10 days of HUD's receipt of the closed


Note: The Office of Housing is presently reviewing the possibility of

centralizing the mortgagee approval process in headquarters.

Centralizing the process is expected to improve service to our



Department of the Interior


Bureau of Land Management


Manages all aspects of 270 million acres of federal land and 570

million acres of federal mineral resources.

We will always:

--- Treat you in a courteous, efficient, and professional manner

every time you contact us.

--- Work with you to meet your needs while complying with laws and


--- Advise you if your request cannot be filled in your initial

contact with us, and tell you who will respond to your request and

when you can expect that response.

Compliance and Enforcement

Enforcement of requirements, regulations, and laws governing leases,

permits, grants, and other uses of lands and resources.

--- You will be advised of the requirements for the proper use of

public lands and resources.

--- You will be given the information you need regarding the

applicable BLM compliance and enforcement process, expected time

frames, and reporting requirements and responsibilities.

--- You will be treated fairly under laws and regulations.

Information Access Centers

Provide information and products at central locations.

--- You will be greeted and your request will be acknowledged within

five minutes of your arrival.

--- You will receive the most current and accurate information about

the public land that we have available to the public.

--- You will receive available information within 30 minutes of your

in-person request. We will respond to your telephone or written

inquiries within five business days.

Public Policy Involvement Opportunities

Opportunities for you to be involved in our planning process and our

management of resources.

--- You will be provided with the opportunity to tell us how you

think publicly owned resources should be managed.

--- As we develop plans, rules, and regulations for use of public

resources, you will be asked for your ideas.

--- You will be afforded adequate time to make your comments and


Uses Requiring Authorization

Grazing permits, mineral leases, and rights of way that require prior

written approval.

--- You will receive a response to your phone messages and letters,

usually within five business days.

--- You will be informed of what the transaction is, how your request

will be handled, who will respond to your request, and the date by

which we expect to address your request.

Bureau of Mines


Provides information on minerals for use in assessing U.S. economic

and defense needs.

--- You will be treated with courtesy every time you contact us.

--- We will provide you with all the information you need, or obtain

the information for you, with a minimum number of referrals to other


--- When you call our public inquiries number for service, you will

reach us on the first call.

--- We will answer your requests as quickly as possible. If we cannot

give you the information you need at the time you call, we will do so

within one working day or call you back to let you know the progress

we are making on your request.

--- When you write to us requesting general information materials, we

will mail them to you within one working day. When you write and ask

for more specific technical information, we will respond within five

working days with either the information you need or a postcard

acknowledging receipt of your request and reporting the status of our


--- We will provide you easy access to our information. You can talk

to us from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

--- We will make our information available electronically (INTERNET,

CD-ROM, Mines FAXBACK) and give you the instructions and information

you need to take advantage of these sources.

Minerals Management Service


Offshore Minerals Management

Alaska Regional Public Information Office -- Pilot Project:

--- The buck stops here when it comes to assisting people lost and

wandering in the bureaucratic maze of government.

--- Walk-in customers have priority and will be promptly acknowledged

and assisted as soon as possible.

--- All information will be current and correct. Staff will find the

answer or find a more knowledgeable person to assist. We will never


--- Not all questions have answers. If the answer can't be found,

that fact will be reported to the customer.

--- Customers are never sent to another office or agency cold. Staff

will check to ensure the office is the correct one and also that the

contact person is available.

--- Before leaving, all customers will be asked, "Does this

completely answer your question?"

The Gulf of Mexico Public Information Office -- Pilot Project:

--- When you enter our office you will be promptly acknowledged.

--- We will be sensitive to your information needs.

--- You can expect to be treated with courtesy at all times.

--- We will make a sincere effort to provide you with information in

a timely manner.

--- We will strive to accurately respond to your request.

Pacific Regional Public Information Office -- Pilot Project:

--- First class is our game and you will be treated the same.

Customers visiting the Pacific Region are our number one priority.

--- We will greet you with a smile and give you prompt assistance.

Your needs are important to us.

--- We are as time-conscious as you are. We will try to get you what

you need as quickly as possible.

Royalty Management Program

Farmington, New Mexico -- Pilot Project:

Our aim is to continually improve service to you. If you would like

to make a comment or complaint, please feel free to use the comment

card available from any of our employees.

--- Prompt, personal attention (an interpreter will be provided if

necessary). You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

--- Accurate information. Your questions will be answered before you

leave, or you will receive periodic status reports until the issues

are resolved.

--- You will not be sent to another office unless absolutely


--- Easy access to us. You can come to our office; you can call our

free telephone number (1-800-238-2839); or we will meet with you at a

more convenient location at your request.

Oklahoma City -- Pilot Project:

--- Assist our customers with the same high standards we expect as


--- Listen to your royalty issues and assume responsibility for

coordinating the resolution of your concerns.

--- Meet you elsewhere to help you understand the royalty process as

it affects you if you cannot come to our office.

--- Seek your ideas to help us improve our services by routinely

requesting your input on our performance and professionalism.

National Biological Survey


Provides biological and ecological information to both the public and

private sectors.

--- Research Information Bulletins edited and prepared for

distribution within 60 days of submission of the draft manuscript.

--- Immediate electronic access to Research Information Bulletins

that have already been edited and prepared for distribution.

--- Literature searches completed and sent to clients within five

days of receipt of their request.

--- Research findings are tested for scientific quality through peer

review by other qualified scientists before publication.

--- 80 percent or more of our products rated by clients at or above

level three on the following satisfaction scale:

4. Very satisfied

3. Satisfied

2. Dissatisfied

1. Very dissatisfied

--- These products will be accompanied by "Client Response" sheets

inviting clients to voluntarily rate and comment on them. Results

will be monitored and used in pursuit of constant improvement.

--- Our long-term goal is to achieve an average client satisfaction

rating very near level 4 -- "very satisfied."

Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement


Ensures that coal mines are operated in a manner that protects

citizens and the environment.

For outreach to coal field citizens and the coal industry:

--- A meeting will be held in at least one site in each state to

solicit comments regarding the oversight process and recommendations

for review topics in the first quarter of evaluation year 1995.

For abandoned mine land emergency complaints:

--- The initial site visit and determination of emergency will be

addressed within 48 hours of complaint.

--- The method to be used to abate the emergency will be determined

within 30 days after the initial complaint.

--- Emergency declarations will be finalized by us within eight hours

of receipt of the state submittal in states which administer the

emergency program.

For abandoned mine land fee collections:

--- OSM-1 forms will be mailed out 30 days prior to the due date.

--- Fee Collections correspondence will be responded to within seven


--- Telephone calls will be responded to within one day.

--- Refunds will be processed within one month after receipt.

For state program amendments:

--- The availability of state program amendments will be announced in

the Federal Register within 20 business days after receipt.

For OSM's mine map repository offices in Wilkes-Barre and Pittsburgh:

--- Each scheduled visitor will be provided prompt and courteous


--- Letter and telefax requests will be answered within one working

day, except for a request requiring extensive research and mass

reproduction of mine maps.

--- Requested site locations will be provided within 90 minutes of

your inquiry.

--- Materials will be available to help you identify and easily

locate the underground mine site.

When responding to inquiries, OSM personnel:

--- Will be courteous and helpful when dealing with people in person,

by telephone, and in writing.

--- Will be timely with courteous explanation of contents of files,

state program documents, etc.

--- Will respond to telephone calls within two business days.

Where OSM is the regulatory authority we will provide:

--- Timely and efficient access to public files.

--- Inspection reports to permittees within 15 business days.

--- The opportunity to meet and confer with citizens regarding

problems and issues relating to environmental protection and surface

coal mining operations.

For the OSM Applicant Violator System we will provide:

--- Permit Recommendation Evaluations to the states within three

business days of request.

--- Abandoned Mine Land Emergency Contract Award Evaluations within 4

hours of request.

--- Respond to outside industry requests for information within three

business days of request.

--- Respond to OSM, state and industry requests for ad hoc computer

reports within three business days of request.

U.S. Geological Survey


Minerals Information Offices

--- Each customer will be treated with dignity, respect, and


--- Each request will be researched using all means available to

provide the highest quality response.

--- Each request will be analyzed to determine what data are

available that best suits each customer's needs. A plan will be

developed to deliver the response in the format that best suits those


--- Requests will be filled immediately, if possible; if not

possible, a time for the reply will be established.

--- Opportunities for additional service will be explored with each

customer, as needed.

Reston Earth Science Information Center

--- We will treat each customer with courtesy and respect.

--- We will provide quick, thorough, and responsive access to product

information and ordering including the 1-800 number and electronic


--- We will eliminate processes, procedures, and rules that are

roadblocks to success.

--- There will be no unreconcilable mistakes allowed in the handling

of the customers' accounts or money.


Department of Labor


Bureau of Labor Statistics


The principal federal data-gathering agency for labor economics.

--- We will let you know in advance when we will release our data.

--- We will be available when you need us.

--- We will distribute data in the form that fits your needs as

resources allow.

--- We will provide you with the name and phone number of a person

who can meet your data needs.

--- We will help you understand the uses and limits of our products.

--- We want to meet your needs.

Employment Standards Administration, Wage and Hour Division


Enforces labor standards laws protecting workers.

If you contact us with a question, you can expect:

--- A clear, concise and knowledgeable response to your inquiry

within 10 business days.

--- Straightforward information on how the law applies to your

circumstances and, when appropriate, publications or posters will be


If you are an employer contacted by Wage and Hour you can expect us

to provide:

--- Understandable explanations of our enforcement process and our

findings, whether there are violations of the law, and requirements

for coming into compliance.

--- Cooperation in completing our investigation as quickly as


--- Cooperation in minimizing interruptions of your business


--- Answers to your questions.

Mine Safety and Health Administration


Mandatory complete mine inspections:

--- We will conduct complete inspections at all available underground

mines four times a year and at all available surface mines two times

a year.

--- We will examine our mandatory regular inspection process to

insure the quality, flexibility, and consistency of our enforcement


Other mandatory inspections and investigations:

--- We will complete other mandatory inspections and investigations

as provided for in the Mine Act including: initiating investigations

of all miners' complaints of safety or health hazards normally within

24 hours; and initiating investigations of written complaints of

discrimination within 15 days of receipt. If you believe that a

safety or health hazard exists at your mine, you can call MSHA toll-

free at 1-800-746-1554 -- you do not need to give your name.

Quality and delivery of training products and materials to the


--- We will emphasize mine-specific and on-site miner training when

we evaluate proposals to provide training to miners from state mining

departments and others (MSHA State Grants Program).

Communication between MSHA and the customer:

--- We will hold rulemaking hearings and topical health and safety

conferences to provide forums for open discussion of health and

safety concerns. We will consistently hold these events in the mining


--- We will work with state and local institutions and associations

to provide miners with useful, understandable information about

mining health and safety.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Established to help make the American workplace as safe and healthful

as possible.

Employers can expect OSHA to:

--- Focus OSHA inspections on the most serious hazards.

--- Be respectful and professional during inspections.

--- Help them identify and control workplace hazards.


Department of State


Bureau of Political-Military Affairs


We will assist by:

--- Providing timely, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous

service to customers seeking guidance on registration, making

applications for a defense export license or other approvals,

requesting the status of specific licensing cases, or seeking

guidance regarding compliance with export law and regulations.

--- Taking action on all license applications (approve, disapprove,

return without action, or coordinate with other offices) within 10

working days of receipt.

--- Informing each registered individual and company with timely

information on the status of their license application. For persons

who do not have electronic access to the DTC (system), timely

telephone responses are provided. Telephone inquiries are responded

to by a responsible officer within 24 hours of receipt.

--- Providing timely and authoritative guidance to the U.S. defense

industry regarding export policies, procedures, and practices, based

on interpretation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations

(ITAR), the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and other pertinent laws,

national interests, and multinational agreements or arrangements.

This includes the presentation of and participation in organized

seminars, in-house training, and other public outreach efforts, such

as the Defense Trade News.

--- Enhancing automated data processing to facilitate the electronic

handling of requests for licenses and other approvals and increasing

responsiveness to U.S. government requests for assistance.

--- Ensuring proposer compliance with U.S. regulations, effective

investigative and prosecutorial enforcement actions, as well as

administrative procedural follow-up against violators of the AECA and

the ITAR.

--- Surveying customer satisfaction periodically to solicit

suggestions for improving DTC services.


Department of Transportation


Federal Highway Administration


Motor Carriers

Ensures safety on America's highways and the safety of the vehicles

using the highways.

--- We will inform you on every major change in motor carrier

regulations by providing you with a copy of, or information

describing, the new regulations, or by conducting industry briefings.

--- We will provide information about regulatory changes to trade

associations, trade press, and other motor carrier publications.

--- You will receive information regarding changes in motor carrier

regulations during our on-site reviews of your operations. You will

also receive the specific information and materials needed to help

you comply with the safety regulations.

--- When you call or write to us requesting information, we will

provide the information to you within five working days of receiving

your request.

--- We will work with state motor carrier safety enforcement agencies

to ensure no duplication in the scheduling of on-site reviews.

--- We will review your accident records and provide an accident

prevention package to motor carriers that are experiencing accidents

regardless of your safety compliance.

--- If you are a hazardous materials or passenger carrier and receive

an unsatisfactory safety rating as a result of our review, we will

conduct a follow-up review within 45 days, as requested, to ensure

you the opportunity to remain in business.

--- We will periodically collect information from the entire motor

carrier industry which will allow us to better serve you. The

information request will ask if you are still in the motor carrier

business, whether the nature of your business has changed, and how we

can improve the information and technical assistance we provide to


--- We will work with state motor carrier regulatory agencies,

insurance companies, trade associations, and other industry groups to

identify motor carriers who may not know that they are subject to

safety regulations. We will provide these newly identified motor

carriers with the information they need to comply with safety


Federal Maritime Administration


Federal Ship Financing

--- We will evaluate the completeness of your application and provide

you with an initial response within 10 to 14 days.

--- We will return your phone calls within 24 hours.

--- We will respond to your information requests within one to three


--- We will provide you with status reports of your application

progress on request.

--- We will process a complete application within 60 days.

--- We will treat you with respect and courtesy at all times.

Federal Railroad Administration


Railroad Safety

--- Install toll-free lines to FRA Office of Safety headquarters and

regional offices.

--- Implement negotiated rulemakings -- such as on trackside worker

safety -- in place of customary, cumbersome arm's-length procedures.

--- Educate labor and management on inspection and enforcement

procedures and use opportunity as listening post to seek feedback and


--- Conduct inspection demonstrations and briefings, including

training videos, in partnership with labor and management customers.

--- Conduct in-depth surveys of all major customers to improve

customer services.

--- Voluntary compliance: Develop safety profile for all Class I

railroads and work with three railroads to develop systemwide safety

management plans.

--- Train small railroads on safety rule compliance and provide

assistance to resolve safety issues.

--- Reduce average time from receipt to resolution of safety

complaints to 60 days.

--- Use mentoring techniques to model best practices in safety

performance: Bring together an exceptionally safe railroad with a

railroad that needs improvement.

--- Work with states to prepare inspection schedules; meet with

states annually to minimize the disruption caused by duplicate


--- Investigate inspection complaints from railroads within 10

working days.

U.S. Coast Guard


Commercial Fishing

Our standards call for:

--- Protecting critical spawning and nursery grounds annually.

--- Reducing the adverse impacts of By-Catch annually.

--- Maintaining 24 hours/day, seven days/week search and rescue

services on demand.

--- Providing 24 hours/day, seven days/week Radionavigation services

and operation of the VHF-FM national distress system, Channel 16.

--- Providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week navigation

information services at 703-313-5900.

--- Maintaining surveillance of our nation's Exclusive Economic Zone

to prevent poaching.


Department of the Treasury


Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms


Nonbeverage Section

Examines formulas and analyzes samples to determine if products

qualify for tax refunds.

We will:

--- Approve, disapprove or identify deficiencies of submissions

within 10 working days. Unusually complex products may require

additional time, but these account for less than 10 percent of


--- Respond to your telephone requests for information and assistance

by the end of the following business day.

--- Hold in the strictest confidence all information you provide us

about your product formulas and manufacturing processes.

--- Apply the same criteria to the evaluation of formula submissions

from all our customers.

Product Compliance Labeling Section

Issues label certificates to the alcoholic beverage industry.

We will:

--- Approve or reject your formal label application within nine

calendar days of receipt. You will be notified by phone, fax, or in

writing if the processing will exceed nine calendar days.

--- Comment on proposed (informal) labels within 15 calendar days.

You will be notified by phone, fax, or in writing if our review will

exceed 15 calendar days.

--- Respond to your correspondence within 21 days. You will be

notified by phone, fax, or in writing if, for any reason, we can send

only a partial reply. We will tell you how long it will be before we

can answer your questions fully.

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency


Supervises and examines federally chartered national banks.

We've set the following standards to let you know what to expect of

us and what we can expect of you.

Before examination:

--- Telephone contact -- The examiner-in-charge (EIC) will normally

contact the bank's chief executive officer (CEO) by telephone before

the examination begins to outline the scope and objectives of the

upcoming examination. The EIC will provide information about

examiners' schedules, staffing levels and projected on-site time. The

EIC will also identify bank needs and areas the bank wants OCC to


--- Written contact -- At least three weeks before the examination,

the EIC will normally notify the bank, in writing, of the:

-- examination start date,

-- scope and objectives of review,

-- advance information the bank must provide to the examination

team, with due dates,

-- information the bank must have available for the examiners at

the onset of the examination, and

-- name and telephone number of the OCC contact.

--- Team preparation -- Before the start of the examination, the

examination team will review:

-- information provided by the bank,

-- prior examinations,

-- pertinent consumer or fair lending complaint information, and

-- the office's Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) file.

--- Community contact -- The EIC or the OCC's appropriate CRA Officer

will contact a sample of locally based customer, community, small

business, and government groups for information before or during a

CRA examination to give them the opportunity to provide input into

the examination. Starting in 1995, OCC will publish a list of the CRA

examinations scheduled for the upcoming quarter, at least 30 days

before the beginning of each calendar quarter.

During examination:

--- Entrance meeting -- At the start of the examination, the EIC will

hold an entrance meeting with the bank's CEO and appropriate members

of senior management and/or board of directors. At this meeting, the

EIC will:

-- explain how the examination team will conduct the examination,

-- establish the way examiners will communicate with bank,

management and employees during the examination,

-- explain the role of each examiner, and

-- answer any questions.

--- Examiner conduct -- Examiners will:

-- ensure confidentiality of records,

-- conduct meetings and gather information efficiently to minimize


-- adhere to schedules for meetings, appointments, and providing

updates to bank management during the examination,

-- discuss needs for timely information,

-- be respectful of the opinions of bankers and locally based


-- handle any conflicts in a tactful and professional manner.

--- Examination management -- The EIC usually will be present

throughout the examination. Field managers, or their designees, will

visit or call during on-site examinations.

After the examination:

--- Exit meetings -- At the completion of the examination, the EIC

will meet with the bank's management. This meeting will rank the

issues identified in the examination and help management understand

which areas present the most risk to the bank. At this meeting,

bankers may respond to OCC concerns, provide clarification, or ask

questions. The examiners will ask for bank managements's commitment

to correct weaknesses noted during the examination. Before the report

of examination is finalized, the examiner will provide a draft of the

portions of the report of examination titled Examination Conclusions

and Matters Requiring Board Attention so that bank management may

review them for accuracy. The Examination Conclusions section will

explain why OCC cited the deficiencies. Examiners will offer examples

of acceptable solutions. In preparing those conclusions, the

examiners will consider the importance of their recommendations and

their impact, such as in cost, on the bank's operations.

--- Board of Directors meeting -- OCC will conduct the meeting after

the board has reviewed the draft report of examination or a synopsis

of examination findings. At the board meeting, the examiners will


-- any major concerns,

-- what the bank is doing well,

-- what OCC expects the bank to do and when, and

-- industry issues affecting the bank.

At the board meeting, OCC will provide an opportunity for the board

members to provide comments and to ask questions.

--- Report of examination -- The final report of examination will be

consistent with findings and conclusions communicated to the bank

during the examination.

--- Follow-up activities -- Examiners with ongoing responsibility for

supervising banks will:

-- respond to information received from the bank within 30 days of

receipt, and

-- document follow-up activities in OCC's supervisory monitoring


Office of Thrift Supervision


Responsible for regulating thrift institutions and auditing the

financial soundness of these institutions.

--- A member of your OTS supervisory team will contact you at least

semi-annually between examinations and will be available to meet as


--- We will provide you with the names and phone numbers of your

supervisory team members.

Pre-examination process:

--- We will mail the Preliminary Examiner Response Kit (PERK) at

least four weeks before an examination begins, and it will include an

approximate examination start date. It will also include a point of

contact at OTS.

--- We will focus our PERK request on only that information necessary

to facilitate the examination.

--- We will ensure staff continuity from one examination to the next.

--- We will provide an estimate of the staffing levels and time

required to conduct the examination at least four weeks before an


--- We will conduct concurrent examinations, but will consider

requests to conduct non-concurrent examinations.

Examination fieldwork:

--- On the first day of the examination, the Examiner-in-Charge will

schedule a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer or a


--- We will meet at least weekly with appropriate institution

personnel to convey issues, concerns and examination findings to


--- We will conduct an exit meeting to summarize key findings, make

recommendations, and receive and consider management's responses.

Post-examination process:

--- We will deliver the report of examination within 30 days after

completion of fieldwork to institutions rated 1 or 2, and within 45

days for those rated 3, 4, or 5.

--- We will entertain requests from healthy, well-run thrifts that

wish to forgo a board meeting from time to time.

--- When a board meeting is conducted, we will make every reasonable

effort to schedule it in connection with a regularly scheduled board


U.S. Customs Service


Enforces over 500 laws regarding importation of merchandise.

Informed compliance:

--- Customs field offices will respond to your request for a binding

ruling within 30 days unless the issue must be referred to a Customs

attorney, in which case rulings will be issued within 120 days of


--- Customs will make all rulings available on diskettes by

subscription at a nominal fee.

--- Customs will provide at least two weeks advance legal notice of

all changes to its regulatory procedures.

Transaction processing:

--- Customs will notify the importer and/or the broker of any

detention within five working days.

--- Customs will issue an administrative decision regarding the

detention within 30 days of the detention.

--- Customs will respond to any inquiry made of those teams within

four business hours.

--- If that entry is electronically transmitted, Customs will review

these documents and grant quota acceptance status, if appropriate,

within six business hours of presentation.

--- Customs will reject unacceptable records that do not involve

antidumping or countervailing duties within 30 days of receipt.

--- Customs will liquidate entry summaries involving antidumping or

countervailing duties within six months from Customs receipt of

liquidation instructions from the Department of Commerce.

Fines, penalties, and forfeitures:

--- Customs may allege that imported goods are being entered or

introduced in a manner contrary to law. Some of these laws permit the

assessment of fines or penalties, while others authorize seizure of

the merchandise. In either case, you will be notified in writing of

the allegations, your right to request an oral presentation, and your

right to submit a written petition seeking remission or mitigation of

any such penalties or forfeitures.

Automated Commercial System (ACS) availability:

--- The Automated Commercial System (ACS) will be available for use

99 percent of scheduled operating hours.

--- On-line transactions will be completed in less than seven


--- Batch transactions will be turned-around to the user's terminal

in no more than 15 minutes for the Automated Broker Interface; five

minutes for the Air Manifest Interface; and 15 minutes for the Sea

Manifest Interface.

--- There will never be a phone wait of more than 60 seconds before a

caller is connected with a Help Desk technician.


Environmental Protection Agency


Environmental Permitting


Regulates waste disposal and discharges into the air and water.

We are:

--- Obtaining favorable community reaction to the permitting process

as determined by surveys conducted after a permit has been issued.

--- Defining the estimated time frame to issue various permits. This

may require the use of state/EPA grant requirements.

--- Establishing the number of resubmittals it will take to get a

complete application. If all deficiencies are clearly identified it

should only take one resubmittal. More that indicates a problem that

needs to be addressed.

--- Establishing a goal to measure the level of understanding of

permit conditions, possibly by counting the number of facilities out

of compliance.

--- Establishing an unacceptable number of permits that are appealed,

and by whom. A large number of citizen appeals may indicate a problem

with the public participation process.


Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Investigates and litigates charges of employment discrimination in

private and public (including federal) sectors; conducts training and

informational activities for employers, unions, and community


Businesses can expect us to:

--- Treat you with respect and dignity.

--- Look at the way we do business and the way we relate to you and

others using our procedures; we want to find ways to improve the

quality and speed of our services.

--- Involve respondents like you to help us understand what you want,

what you need, and what you think about the way we serve you.

--- Support our front-line employees by giving them the tools and

knowledge they need to provide the best possible service to you.

--- Strengthen our commitment to customer service.


Export-Import Bank of the United States


Helps with financing exports of U.S. goods and services.

--- The Buyer Underwriting staff will:

-- process 85 percent of short-term applications within two weeks

of receipt of a complete application, and inform the customer

biweekly of the status of the additional 15 percent until resolved.

--- The Exporter Underwriting staff will:

-- renew 90 percent of the multibuyer policies before the

anniversary date and inform the customer biweekly of the status of

the additional 10 percent until resolved.

--- The United States Division will:

-- process 80 percent and an additional 5 percent of all

Preliminary Commitment and Final Commitment transactions within four

and six weeks, respectively, or receipt of a complete application,


-- process 100 percent of all Preferred Lender Program

transactions within 10 business days of receipt of a complete


--- The Business Development Group staff will:

-- respond to all telephone inquiries within six business hours

with 85 percent handled without a call back.

-- respond to all fax/letters within two business days of receipt.

-- screen incoming working capital, medium/long-term loan and

guarantee applications for completeness for processing by program

divisions, 85 percent within two business days, and 100 percent

within three business days.

-- process 100 percent on Letters of Interest for medium-term

transactions within seven business days of receipt of a complete


--- The Export Finance Group staff will achieve action on complete

applications for Preliminary Commitments and Final Commitments under

the direct loan or guarantee programs on:

-- 90 percent of Loan Committee cases within four weeks, and

inform the customer biweekly of the status on the additional 10

percent, until resolved.

-- 75 percent of the Board cases within six weeks, and inform the

customer biweekly of the status on the additional 25 percent, until


--- The Claims and Recovery Division will:

-- process at least 90 percent of all cash receipt collections for

existing claims within 20 business days of receipts.

-- acknowledge claims field under all programs in writing to the

claimant within two business days of receipt.

-- correspond with any claimant whose claim is incomplete within

five business days from documentation or information must be


-- present to the Loan Committee or Board of Directors or resolve

under delegated authority 100 percent of claims submitted under the

Insurance and Working Capital Guarantee programs within 30 business

days of receipt of a complete application.

--- The Public Affairs and Publications staff will:

-- respond to 100 percent of public inquiries within 24 hours.

--- The staff will provide the customer with clear reasons on 100

percent of final decisions, both approvals and denials, within two

business days.

--- The staff will address customers' concerns within two business

days of contact.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Aeronautics Enterprise


Aggressively pursues the identification, developments, validation,

transfer, application, and commercialization of aeronautics


We commit:

--- To meet all major milestones on schedule and cost, more than 95

percent of the time.

--- To ensure that we are managing our aeronautics program to

accomplish our vision and mission.

Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise (HEDS)


--- NASA will provide its current and prospective customers with

credible, reliable, responsible information and services.

--- NASA will communicate clearly how our customers can participate

in the HEDS enterprise so that the customers understand the processes

and can communicate their requirements and expectations back to NASA.

--- NASA will increase the number of research and development

partnerships with industry and academic institutions.

--- NASA will use the latest computer and information systems

technology to improve public awareness of NASA technologies,

expertise, and facilities.

--- NASA will encourage multicultural participation in all aspects of

NASA and HEDS activities.

--- NASA will emphasize opportunities for small and disadvantaged

businesses and historically black colleges and universities to

participate in HEDS-related initiatives.

In the near term, NASA and the HEDS enterprise are committed to:

--- Safely fly an average of six to eight shuttle flights a year.

--- Conduct six robotic solar system missions supporting HEDS prior

to 2000.

--- Provide approximately 500 cubic feet per year of on-orbit

experiment volume for crew-tended space research and development.

--- Provide approximately 120 cubic feet per year of on-orbit

experiment volume for commercial initiatives.

--- Develop and maintain a space station with continuous human

presence by 1998.

--- Provide approximately 1,800 cubic feet of experiment volume for

space research, development, and commercialization after the space

station is completed in 2002.

--- Accelerate the timetable to conduct space research by a factor of

two in the space station timeframe.

Space Technology Enterprise


Pioneers, with industry, the development and use of space

technologies to secure national economic competitiveness and to

support space missions.

We will:

--- Conduct periodic workshops with industry participants to discuss

the issues and implications of commercial technology policy.

--- Implement new commercial technology practices related to:

-- contractor-developed technology commercialization,

-- industry-technology development partnerships,

-- dual-use technology development,

-- commercial technology acquisition,

-- small business technology development and commercialization,

-- regional alliances, and

-- post-technology development diffusion.

--- Intensify commercial technology efforts by implementing an

integrated industry-focused marketing plan emphasizing the commercial

potential of NASA-supported technology.

--- Establish metrics to manage all of NASA's collaboration with


--- Provide training to employees, contractors, and grantees to

enhance their understanding of the national context of technology

commercialization and equip them the skills needed to support the


--- Use an electronic network to connect and manage all field and

headquarters technology professionals and to take advantage of the

benefits of electronic commerce.


National Mediation Board


Assists in maintaining a free flow of commerce in the railroad and

airline industries by resolving disputes that could disrupt travel or

imperil the economy.

You can expect our staff to meet the following standards:

--- At least 90 percent of representation cases not involving a

participant's request for Board-level action will be completed within

90 calendar days of docketing.

--- In at least 90 percent of representation cases involving a

participant's request for Board-level action, the NMB staff will

submit a recommendation to the Board within 180 calendar days of

docketing and the Board will respond within an additional 30 calendar


--- An updated NMB Representation Manual will be made available to

the public during fiscal year 1995.

--- An NMB investigator will be assigned to investigate

representation cases within five business days of docketing.

--- Representation and mediation applications will be responded to

within three business days following their receipt by the NMB.

--- All NMB mediators will have received training on

innovative/enhanced mediation approaches by the end of fiscal year


--- At least two training/orientation opportunities will be made

available to the parties by the end of fiscal year 1995 regarding

methods to reduce the volume of railroad grievance cases pending


--- Arbitrators compensated by the NMB will be sent their payment

within 14 days following the NMB's receipt of an appropriate voucher.


Small Business Administration


Provides direct or indirect financing to small or disadvantaged

business to promote small business formation and growth.

7(a) Guaranty Loan Program:

--- As an applicant for financial assistance, you can expect to have

an answer from SBA within two weeks of our receipt of your completed

application from your lender. If the application is processed through

either the Preferred Lender Program (PLP) or the Certified Lender

Program (CLP) an answer can be expected within 24 hours or three

working days respectively. Compliance with this standard is measured

and monitored by random computer validation. SBA representatives from

the Loan Policy and Procedures Branch, Central Office, the PLP

Processing Center, or the applicable district office will be

available to receive customer feedback.

Low Documentation Loan Program (LowDoc):

--- As an applicant for financial assistance of $100,000 or less you

can expect to have an answer from SBA within three business days from

receipt of your completed application. Compliance with this standard

will be measured and monitored by routine monthly management reports.

SBA representatives from the Loan Policy and Procedures Branch,

Central Office, or the applicable district office will be available

to receive customer feedback.

GreenLine Program:

--- As an applicant for financial assistance to finance short-term,

cyclical, working capital needs, you can expect to have an answer

from SBA within two weeks of receipt of your completed application

from your lender. Compliance with this standard is measured and

monitored by random computer validation. SBA representatives from the

Loan Policy and Procedures Branch, Central Office, the PLP Processing

Center, or the applicable district office will be available to

receive customer feedback.

Secondary Market:

--- As a lender who holds business loans guaranteed by the agency and

decides to sell the guaranteed portion of these loans in the

secondary market, you can expect to have all sales settled within 48

hours of receipt of adequate documentation. Compliance with this

standard is measured and monitored by weekly verification of program

activity. The SBA Director of Secondary Market Sales will be

available to receive customer feedback.

502 Local Development Company Program:

--- As an applicant for financial assistance for long-term fixed

asset financing in a rural area, you can expect to have an answer

from SBA within 10 days of receipt of your completed application from

your lender. Compliance with this standard is measured and monitored

by routine monthly reports. SBA program representatives from the

Office of Rural Affairs and Economic Development, Central Office, or

the applicable district office will be available to receive customer


504 Certified Development Company Program:

--- As an applicant for financial assistance for long-term fixed

asset financing through a certified development company (CDC), you

can expect to have an answer from SBA within 10 days of receipt of

your completed application from the CDC. If the application is

processed through one of the CDCs participating in the pilot

initiative, Accredited Lender Program (ALP), an answer can be

expected within five days. Compliance with this standard is measured

and monitored through routine monthly reports. SBA program

representatives from the Office of Rural Affairs and Economic

Development, Central Office, or the applicable district office will

be available to receive customer feedback.

Minority Enterprise Development Program:

--- You may expect to have an answer on your application for 8(a)

certification within a 90-day period after receipt of your completed

application. We will measure and track all processing of 8(a)

applications to ensure compliance with the 90-calendar day processing

time frame.

--- As an 8(a) certified firm you can expect to have a full nine-year

term in the 8(a) program. During that period, you will benefit from

specialized training in management, marketing, procurement processes,

and access to federal contracting using the 8(a) process. Compliance

with this standard will be measured through periodic review of the

district office by regional staff. Customer feedback will be received

and evaluated through written surveys and informal, periodic town

hall meetings.

Women's Business Ownership:

--- As a potential loan applicant, you can expect to receive loan

information from OWBO within two weeks after we receive your request.

Loan information packets will include the names of certified and

preferred SBA lenders in your area, a listing of microloan sites,

alternative financing possibilities, LowDoc and GreenLine brochures,

and in certain locations, information on the Women's Prequalification

Pilot Loan Program. Feedback can be directed to OWBO by calling (202)


--- You can expect to receive information about the Women's Network

for Entrepreneurial Training (WNET) mentor program within two weeks

of our receipt of your request.

--- Your local SBA district office will provide you with information

on the availability of long-term training and counseling through one

of our 39 Demonstration Program sites that serve 20 states. You will

receive information within two weeks of your request. Programs are

monitored continually, and quarterly reports on operations and

activities are made to OWBO. Please direct your comments and

suggestions to OWBO at (202) 205-6673.

Disaster Loan Program:

--- As a disaster loan applicant, you can expect to have an answer on

your application within seven days to three weeks of our receipt of

your completed application. This time frame will be met in 95 percent

of the applications. Timeliness will be tracked through internal

records of the Office of Disaster Assistance. SBA representatives

will be available at temporary offices set up in disaster areas and

through a 1-800 telephone number that will be advertised in the

disaster area. Complaints and other feedback can be made to the local

SBA representatives, the Disaster Area Office, or the Office of the

Associate Administrator for Disaster Assistance, SBA, 409 Third

Street S.W., Washington, DC 20416.

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