Addressing Unfunded Mandates

The Clinton-Gore Administration fully understands the burdens states and localities face when the federal government imposes mandates without providing adequate funding. In October 1993, President Clinton signed the first executive order requiring all federal agencies to consult with state and local organizations before promulgating any rules or regulations that impose new unfunded mandates. (10)

In March 1995, President Clinton signed the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, which restricts the ability of Congress to impose costly mandates on states, localities, and tribal governments. (11) Based on analyses required by the Congressional Budget Office, mandates costing states and localities $50 million or more in any of the first five years after becoming effective are not permitted unless waived by majority votes in both the House and Senate. The Act also requires greater intergovernmental consultations in the administrative rulemaking process and allowance for the least expensive means of complying with federal regulations.

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