1. The Postal Service is not included. It has grown because it has more mail
    to deliver, but it is financed primarily from the sale of stamps, not from
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Secret One:
Common Sense Has Come to the Federal Government

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    Management's phone-in center.
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Secret Two:
Government Is Serving People Better

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  12. President Clinton directed agencies in 1993 to appoint chief operating
    officers normally the deputy secretary of the department or the head of the
    agency. He then convened two dozen of the chief operating officers of the
    departments and largest agencies as the President's Management Council to
    share their best practices and advise him on ways to implement reinvention.
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  14. Although the General Services Administration promised to have blue pages
    in five cities, seven cities have already signed up. They are: Baltimore,
    Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.
  15. Unpublished calculation from the Office of Management and Budget.
  16. PEBES stands for "Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement," and it is
    located at "".
  17. Send your geology questions by e-mail to "".
  18. The fax number for the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Fax on Demand is
  19. The World Wide Web address for HUD's city maps is
  20. The World Wide Web address for the Bond Wizard is
  21. Undated letter from the Bodde Family to the Federal Emergency
    Management Agency.

Secret Three:
Government Is In Partnership With Business

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  8. The U.S. Business Advisor is located at "".
  9. The EPA 33/50 team was nominated by 3M for Vice President Gore's
    Hammer Award and received the award in June 1996.

Secret Four:
Government Is Partnering With Communities

  1. To learn more about HUD partnerships with Philadelphia and other cities,
    visit the HUD homepage at "".
  2. Department of Housing and Urban Development, "Empowerment Zones
    and Enterprise Communities," Community Connections. To learn more
    about the Empowerment Zone/Enterprise Community initiative, visit the
    homepage at "".
  3. EPA believed that some of the scrap refrigerators still contained freon,
    which could have escaped into the atmosphere. Freon is harmful to the
    environment because it destroys ozone.
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  12. See Appendix A, "Department of Health and Human Services," for more
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  14. Justice cut all the red tape associated with COPS. Communities need only
    fill out a one-page application.
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  1. The National Performance Review homepage address is
  2. Customer service standards can be found at

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