Transforming Organizational Structures

NPR Recommendations

ORG01 Reduce the Costs and Numbers of Positions Associated With Management Control Structures by Half
ORG02 Use Multi-Year Performance Agreements Between the President and Agency Heads to Guide Downsizing Strategies
ORG03 Establish a List of Specific Field Offices to Be Closed
ORG04 The President Should Request Authority to Reorganize Agencies
ORG05 Sponsor Three or More Cross-Departmental Initiatives Addressing Common Issues or Customers
ORG06 Identify and Change Legislative Barriers to Cross-Organizational Cooperation

Progress to Date

All agencies have developed plans for internal streamlining and reducing their workforces. Agencies are more than a year ahead of the statutory timetable for cutting 272,900 positions by 1999. Also, the President's Management Council completed a study on strategies for closing field offices and is sponsoring a benchmarking study on this. Individual agencies have examined their field offices and propose closing about 2,000.

However, most agencies have not yet targeted their personnel reductions in order to cut their management control costs in half over a six-year period, as recommended by NPR in 1993. However, six agencies are making significant reductions in this area and plan to continue to do so. Appendix H provides additional details.

The Administration continues to sponsor cross-departmental initiatives addressing common issues and customers. In all, the Administration is sponsoring at least 25 significant cross-cutting initiatives, such as better coordination of governmental statistics. In addition, it is piloting multi-agency "one-stop" offices for small business and other government services in several locations around the country. It has created the U.S. Business Advisor as a one-stop electronic link to government for business, so individuals can more easily search federal rules and obtain information.

The President has not asked Congress for authority to reorganize agencies, as recommended by NPR, but is instead achieving the efficiencies and other results desired through streamlining and joint agency efforts, such as the Federal Electronic Benefits Task Force. Further, Congress has not reduced barriers to cross-organizational cooperation, as recommended.

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