Reinventing Support Services

NPR Recommendations

SUP01Authorize the Executive Branch to Establish a Printing Policy That Will Eliminate the Current Printing Monopoly
SUP02Assure Public Access to Federal Information
SUP03Improve Distribution Systems to Reduce Costly Inventories
SUP04Streamline and Improve Contracting Strategies for the Multiple Award Schedule Program
SUP05Expand Agency Authority and Eliminate Congressional Control Over Federal Vehicle Fleet Management
SUP06Give Agencies Authority and Incentive for Personal Property Management and Disposal
SUP07Simplify Travel and Increase Competition
SUP08Give Customers Choices and Create Real Property Enterprises That Promote Sound Real Property Asset Management
SUP09Simplify Procedures for Acquiring Small Blocks of Space to House Federal Agencies
SUP10Establish New Contracting Procedures for the Continued Occupancy of Leased Office Space
SUP11Reduce Postage Costs Through Improved Mail Management

Progress to Date

Significant progress has been made in eliminating internal government monopolies on services. After a one-year pilot program, and guided by participant evaluations, GSA announced in July 1996 that, beginning this October, federal agencies will be allowed to acquire new leased space on their own if government-owned space is not available or does not meet the agency's needs. In addition, GSA granted agencies the authority to use its supply services or seek alternative sources. GSA also now allows agencies to dispose of excess personal property independently. Progress is being made legislatively to eliminate the Federal Prison Industries as a mandatory supply source for federal agencies. Finally, the recent Information Technology Management Reform Act delegated procurement of large information technology systems from GSA to the agencies.

In an effort to reduce agencies' dependence on supply depot systems and improve distribution systems, GSA compared itself with commercial supply distribution systems. This comparison showed that recent changes to the Federal Supply Service direct vendor delivery, the elimination of specialized government specifications, the use of electronic data interchange to simplify ordering in near real-time, and the use of GSA's ADVANTAGE information system for the Federal Supply Service's catalog has made the agency both cost effective and competitive. Benchmarking will continue to be used as a valuable tool in furthering savings.

Significant progress has been made on statutory and nonstatutory efforts to simplify travel regulations. In separate legislation, both houses of Congress have passed major reforms to the federal travel system. To complement this effort, GSA and the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program are streamlining the Federal Travel Regulation, which sets governmentwide travel policies. These reforms have the potential for saving more than $800 million a year in administrative costs currently required by law.

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