Appendix A


Appendix A:
Status of Reinvention Efforts in
Departments and Major Agencies

The National Performance Review's (NPR's) September 1993 report contains 245 major recommendations affecting principal government agencies. Separate accompanying reports break these recommendations into 833 specific action items. Governmentwide, agencies report that 43 percent of these action items are complete, 42 percent are in progress, and the remainder are on hold or not proceeding as expected.

NPR's September 1995 report contains an additional 187 recommendations affecting these same departments and agencies. To date, 19 percent have been completed, 62 percent are in progress, and the remainder are on hold or not making expected progress. Additional information on the progress of specific recommendations is available on NPR's World Wide Web home page (

In addition to these recommendations, departments and agencies have undertaken a wide range of related reinvention activities to make their operations work better and cost less. Following are highlights of their reinvention efforts over the past three years.

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