Creating Quality Leadership
and Management

NPR Recommendations

QUAL01 Provide Improved Leadership and Management of the Executive Branch
QUAL02 Improve Government Performance Through Strategic and Quality Management
QUAL03 Strengthen the Corps of Senior Leaders
QUAL04 Improve Legislative-Executive Branch Relations

Progress to Date

The President and his Administration continue to provide leadership on management issues. Vice President Gore spearheads the reinvention initiative. The President's Management Council which was created three years ago as recommended by NPR has become a pivotal and effective force in the coordination of governmentwide reform initiatives, including customer service improvement, streamlining, and civil service reform.

Cabinet secretaries and agency heads have made a visible commitment to leading and managing in accordance with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria; in fact, a 1995 survey showed that 18 of the 24 largest agencies had created top-level quality councils to help lead their efforts. Although NPR recommended that a category be created within the Baldrige Award for federal government agencies, this has not been done. However, agencies are still committed to training their staff on quality management.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has taken a leadership role in strengthening the corps of senior leaders by improving the selection process for senior executives and providing orientations for new political as well as career leaders in the government.

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