Document Name: NPR Products and Resources
Date: 09/07/95
Owner: National Performance Review
The following National Performance Review (NPR) resources and reports are available in hard copy from the Government Printing Office (202-512-1800) or National Technical Information Service (703-487-4650). Materials can also be accessed electronically; see below for further ordering and access information.


Reinventing the Government . . . By the People S/N 040-000-00649-4


Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less: Report of the National Performance ReviewS/N 040-000-00592-7
Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less: Executive SummaryS/N 040-000-00591-9
Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less: Status Report, September 1994S/N 040-000-00646-0
Putting Customers First: Standards for Serving the American PeopleS/N 040-000-00647-0

Changing Internal Culture

Creating Quality Leadership and ManagementS/N 040-000-00624-9
Streamlining Management ControlS/N 040-000-00623-1
Transforming Organizational StructuresS/N 040-000-00630-3
Improving Customer ServiceS/N 040-000-00618-4

Reinventing Processes and Systems

Mission-Driven, Results-Oriented BudgetingS/N 040-000-00619-2
Improving Financial ManagementS/N 040-000-00619-2
Reinventing Human Resource ManagementS/N 040-000-00630-3
Reinventing Support ServicesS/N 040-000-00628-1
Reinventing Federal ProcurementS/N 040-000-00616-8
Reengineering Through Information TechnologyS/N 040-000-00626-5
Rethinking Program DesignS/N 040-000-00629-0

Restructuring the Federal Role

Strengthening the Partnership in Intergovernmental Service DeliveryS/N 040-000-00621-4
Reinventing Environmental ManagementS/N 040-000-00615-0
Improving Regulatory SystemsS/N 040-000-00620-6

Agencies and Departments

Agency for International DevelopmentS/N 040-000-00593-5
Department of AgricultureS/N 040-000-00594-3
Department of CommerceS/N 040-000-00595-1
Department of DefenseS/N 040-000-00596-0
Department of EducationS/N 040-000-00597-8
Department of EnergyS/N 040-000-00598-6
Department of Housing and Urban DevelopmentS/N 040-000-00609-5
Department of the InteriorS/N 040-000-00600-1
Department of LaborS/N 040-000-00601-0
Department of State/U.S. Information AgencyS/N 040-000-00602-8
Department of Veterans AffairsS/N 040-000-00614-1
Environmental Protection AgencyS/N 040-000-00605-2
Federal Emergency Management AgencyS/N 040-000-00697-9
General Services AdministrationS/N 040-000-00617-6
Intelligence CommunityS/N 040-000-00610-9
National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationS/N 040-000-00611-7
National Science Foundation/Office of Science and Technology PolicyS/N 040-000-00612-5
Office of Personnel ManagementS/N 040-000-00625-7
Small Business AdministrationS/N 040-000-00613-3


Creating a Government That Works Better & Costs Less, Status Report, September 1994.

Order the CD-ROM from NTIS, the National Technical Information Service at the Department of Commerce. The order number is PB94-502242. Call NTIS at (703) 487-4650 for first class mailing, (800) 553-6847 for overnight delivery, (703) 321-8547 for fax orders, and (703) 487-4639 for TTD (hearing impaired).

NPR On-line Library

NPRs extensive, 800-document library can be accessed through NetResults by e-mail, gopher, or the World Wide Web (WWW). The library contains a wide range of information.
Gopher: gopher:\\ then select Americans Communicating Electronically/National Performance Review Information
WWW:; to access reinvention documents, click on Go to Toolkit Main Menu

Ordering Information

E-mail: For an NPR catalog, send an e-mail to with send npr catalog as the message text
Fax: (202) 512-2250
Phone: (202) 512-1800
Mail: Superintendent of Documents, P.O. Box 371954, Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7954

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