The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships
will present
Leadership and Project/Program Awards

Washington, DC, May 14, 1997--The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships will present Leadership and Project/Program Awards during its Annual Conference being held in St. Louis, Missouri, October 15-17, 1997.

Fostering the best in public-private partnerships since its founding in 1985, the Council's Awards recognize individuals, projects and programs that best exemplify the utility and effectiveness of public-private partnerships.

The following awards are open to both Council members and non-members:

LEADERSHIP AWARD: Recognition for the most outstanding individuals or governmental units/authorities at the city, county, state or federal levels that have demonstrated leadership by instituting policies, procedures and management systems to encourage public-private partnerships. An individual or government unit must have a recognized track record of at least two years.

PROJECT/PROGRAM AWARDS: Recognition for projects or programs that demonstrate exemplary public-private partnerships through innovation, initiatives, cost savings or efficiency. Nominations are encouraged in all categories of endeavor including, but not limited to, environment, health care, social services and transportation.

Projects must have been completed by December 31, 1996 and programs must have been in full operation for at least six months by December 31, 1996 in order to qualify.

Award recipients from previous years include: the Hanford Metal Working Equipment Project, 1996; Jane F. Garvey, Deputy Administrator, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, 1995; the Freestone Demonstration Project, U.S. EPA Small System Initiative Program, State of California, 1994; and the Texas State Comptroller's Texas Performance Review, 1993.

To receive an application form, call the Council at (202) 467-6800. The deadline for entries and all accompanying materials is August 1, 1997.

Any application forms or supporting materials received after that date will not be considered.

The National Council for Public-Private Partnerships is a non-profit, non-partisan association whose primary purpose is to explore the ways in which the private and public sectors can work together in providing public services and developing, financing and implementing infrastructure and community facilities. Since its founding in 1985 as the Privatization Council, the organization has been a catalyst and sounding board for privatization activities at all levels of government.

Its growing list of public and private sector members with unparalleled experience in a wide variety of public-private partnership arrangements represents a vital core of resources for developing the use of the private sector in service to the public.

The theme of the Council's Eleventh Annual Conference is "Face-to-Face on Partnerships: A Decision Maker's Dialogue on Privatization". Sessions on infrastructure, outsourcing and services will be conducted on "expert" and basic "how-to" levels. Topics such as the federal pilot programs, IRS contract rules, labor and other "cutting-edge" issues will be covered.

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