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Their Common Sense Innovations Cut Waste, Improve Service With Savings To Taxpayers

PHILADELPHIA, PA--The "reinventing government " successes of five Philadelphia-based federal worker teams were cited today (12/16) by the Clinton-Gore administration's reinvention task force, the National Performance Review (NPR). In ceremonies at Independence Park, each team received Vice President Al Gore's "Hammer Award" for significant innovations resulting in improved government services, less waste, and more savings for taxpayers.

The actual $6.00 hammer is the Vice President's symbolic answer to the $600.00 hammer of yesterday's government. It is intended to highlight and encourage "islands of excellence" within the federal government.

The awards were presented by Bob Stone, NPR Project Director, who praised the teams for meeting the NPR goals of putting customers first, cutting red tape, and getting back to basics.

"I'm proud of Philadelphia's federal government reinvention teams," said the Vice President, "for their common sense approach to serving customers. Their work is an example of excellence. They are showing that the federal government can reinvent itself."

The "Philadelphia Five" include teams from the Health Care Financing Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, a joint Veterans Administration-U.S. Coast Guard team, the General Services Administration, and the Defense Personnel Support Center. They were nominated for the award by their local Federal Executive Board (FEB), comprised of the top executives of the area's federal agencies. The FEB represents more than 44,000 employees--the area's largest workforce.

Philadelphia Hammer Award Teams

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