09/20/96: Clinton and Gore Announce NPR Accomplishments


Reporters call Mike Russell, National Performance Review
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President Clinton and Vice President Gore Announce $118 Billion in National Performance Review Savings and the Smallest Federal Workforce in 30 Years.

Portland, OR--President Clinton and Vice President Gore announced today that their common sense government initiatives are saving taxpayers $118 billion and have reduced the size of the federal workforce by nearly 240,000 workers--its smallest level in 30 years.

"The era of big government is over, and this Administration has led the way," President Clinton said. "The proof that government can work better and cost less is $118 billion in savings to taxpayers. This is a real result that saves real money that benefits all Americans."

"We are moving in the right direction, against the old forces of big government, central control, and mistrust," said Vice President Gore, who heads the National Performance Review (NPR) to create a common sense government. "The federal government is serving people better, forming partnerships with businesses, and working with--not against--local communities."

Vice President Gore presented President Clinton the third annual NPR report, "The Best Kept Secrets in Government," which details department and agency accomplishments aimed at creating a federal government that works better and costs less. Common sense government reforms that have now been put into place will save taxpayers $118 billion by Fiscal Year 2000, with another $5.2 billion in NPR savings contained in legislation pending before Congress.

In addition, Vice President Gore said 13 of 14 cabinet departments have reduced the size of their workforces, with a total reduction of nearly 240,000 federal workers. The Department of Justice has increased in size because of the Administration's fight against crime and drugs. Government-wide there is more than a 10 percent reduction in size of the federal workforce, with the Office of Personnel Management having the largest percentage decrease--43 percent--in its workforce. Other accomplishments include the closing of nearly 2,000 obsolete field offices and the elimination of nearly 200 programs such as Tea Tasters Board, the Bureau of Mines, and wool and mohair subsidies.

Vice President Gore presented the first NPR report to President Clinton in September 1993. Since then he has presented annual reports updating the NPR's progress each September.

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