January 10, 1997

Washington, DC Metropolitan Area Reemployment Project Centers Conveniently Located to Serve Federal Workers

Over the last three years, the federal workforce has downsized considerably as the result of reinvention initiatives and budget reductions. These reductions are expected to continue as the federal government progresses towards a balanced budget. The Washington metropolitan area, with its concentration of federal employees, is prepared to meet the needs of dislocated federal employees.

The Metro Area Reemployment Project is a joint effort between the Commonwealth of Virginia's Governor's Employment and Training Department, the U.S. Department of Labor, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (acting as the executive branch employer), the state of Maryland, and Washington, D.C. The Project is designed to serve federal government employees and federal contract workers in the Washington, D.C. Primary Metropolitan Statistical Service Area (which chiefly includes Washington, and parts of Maryland and Virginia) who have been laid off, or are facing job displacement as a result of government downsizing and restructuring. Five Metro Area Reemployment Centers (MARCs), one in Virginia, one in D.C, and three In Maryland are now open and ready to offer reemployment services. The project allows the displaced federal workers to receive services at a location near their worksite, prior to displacement, or near their residence after displacement. Services are transferable between locations.

Through this federally funded program, job seekers may obtain training, retraining, job placement assistance and career counseling. Among the many employment transition services available to assist the federal worker in seeking reemployment are resume preparation and critique, job listings, interview preparation, and access to computers, fax machines, and other office equipment. Workshops and seminars are offered on many topics. The staffs of the centers are committed to providing the highest level of professional services in support of reemployment and will provide the support necessary for displaced federal workers to obtain the skills needed for their reentry into the job market. For further information or service, please contact the following locations:

Virginia Project Service Center Washington, D.C. Project Service Center
Fairfax County Government Center
12000 Government Center Parkway
Suite 364
Fairfax, VA 22035
(703) 324-7390
800 North Capitol Street, NW
Room 640
Washington, 20002
(202) 565-0001
Maryland Project Service Centers
Montgomery County
Metro Area Reemployment Network Center
Wheaton Plaza South, Suite 510
11160 Viers Mill Road
Wheaton, 20902
(301) 946-1806
Prince George's County
Prince George's Private Industry Council
1802 Brightseat Road
4th Floor
Landover, 20785
(301) 386-5522
Extension 440
Baltimore City Career Center
3001 E. Madison Street
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 396-9030

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