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Process Reengineering
Navy [Sts] delivered commercial off-the-shelf SCBA for Damage Control & Fire Fighting -- for Fleet Assessment -- in only 6 months. Streamlined procurement methods. (Still hard to do ... but, progress!)

Navy [Sts] delivered NDI/COTS to fleet in 24 months -- 5 years less than usual. Pumps/Jaws or Life/Heeds. Cut research and development to minimum -- used commercial specifications and performance criteria.

Using Activity Based Costing to determine the cost of providing administrative support services to customers. Moving from a traditional accounting view to an "activity" view of our budget.

The Single Family Insurance Operations Division (SFIOD) sent the first edition of "FYI" to the corporate headquarters of all Single Family Title II active lenders. "FYI" included information on changes in business processes; updated mailing addresses; etc. "FYI" has received positive feedback from lenders and will soon appear on HUDís World Wide Web.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commissionís success stories are described in "Saving Lives Through Smart Government: Success Stories". Copies provided to NPR for 1st time at this conference.

Navy BRAC [Base Realignment and Closure] using World Wide Web as 2-way Business Process Tool. Better, faster access with coordination and collaboration. (

-- On-Track Newsletter -- Consolidated Reengineering report documents USAID success stories. -- Info on procurement, etc., on Internet -- Agency more transparent.

The World Wide Web has expanded our client base at no additional cost in disseminating medical information to NIH Consensus Development Program. (It also gives us feedback on who our client base is without OMB clearance.)

Help us do more! NIH Human Resource (Personnel) Offices have collectively joined together in developing a consolidated WWW "home page" for the purpose of delivering timely and relevant Human Resources (HR) information to a diverse customer community. Our goal is to continue reinventing new ways of communicating HR info via Internet environment that demonstrates our commitment to serve, listen and hear. Help us do more, NPR. Vice President to punch a hole in the wall!

Dealing with other agencies, Iíve come to appreciate the vision of HUDís Information Technology leadership to connect all HUD employees with cc:mail and Internet access. Every HUD employee has access to every other employee in the organization making dissemination of information up, down and around the organization both feasible and practical. Connection to the Internet allows communication and collaboration with other people outside the organization who are often motivated to "catch up with us" by getting on the Internet....

Since few participants have been able to read all the notes, please provide us with a transcribed copy of all of them.

This conference was a great accomplishment and success. Hope we can do it again in a year.

Organizational Structures
Redesign of OSHAís Field Offices -- Parsippany, NJ -- Atlanta, GA

People and Culture
Changing people and ultimately cultures

People Make the Difference

The Oregon Option is the first in the nation long term agreement to design and test a results oriented approach to delivery of government services across federal, state and local lines. This demonstration focuses on results as the measure of success. Oregon is held accountable to the federal government to make reasonable progress toward mutually agree on outcomes. The federal government reduces the strings attached to programs, combines funding streams and increases flexibility to allow state and local governments to deliver services more effectively. In our first year, we have successfully built partnerships among public, private and non-profits and at all levels around agreed-upon results. Local, state and federal partners are continuing to further develop this results-driven model of governance in order to achieve progress within the mutually agreed upon outcomes.

Industry, academia and NASA can work in partnership to develop and launch space systems of mutual interest to all and in a faster-cheaper-better way.

Cooperating with 14 agencies to bring basic plant info across agencies to allow information sharing and reduction of duplication.

Fort Meade, Maryland. We are working with local county government to develop partnerships in education, housing and utilities services.

The first time American trucks ever went into Mexico was to place Krails needed for the SENTRI DCL at Otay Mesa. Interagency/Intercountry cooperation was necessary. The placement of Krails was completed despite port runners and gunfire. Without active commitment of team members willing to be "onsite" at 3 A.M. on the Mexican border, this would not have been possible.

Project time decreased from 18-24 months to 6-12 months because of up from "customer participation."

Alaska Native Medical Center is partnering with other Federal agencies to purchase under single contracts will serve all "partners."

CRADA: Helo Safety Systems Industry partner gave Navy a no cost demo (they paid for installation) of a $250 K system for safety of flight. Estimated break-even is less than 2 years. Time from idea to install of system was 5 months. "The System" (business as usual) is still embarked on a 8-10 year "plan".

The U.S. EPA 33/50 Program built 1,300 partnerships between government and industry on the common ground between environmental protection and economic prosperity.

The U.S. Air Force Express Reinvention Lab (Pentagon) and the Cargo Movement Operations System Program Management Office (CMOS) was able to bring three carriers (Fedex, UPS, Emery) to the table to discuss developing a module to interact with CMOS. This process would save the cargo shipper an enormous amount of time because they would no longer have to go to two or three computers to ship cargo. This initiative started in the summer of 1995 and will be fielded to all Air Force Transportation Offices in July 1996. This is a great example of government working with private industry to make the job easier for our customer.

The recent "Mad Cow Disease" problem in the United Kingdom, with them considering destruction of 11 million head of cattle and linking it to human death loss could have created panic in the U.S. By joining forces with Industry and FSIS, states, technical experts. Jointly with them, APHIS within 24 hours had developed a strategy all agreed on --National TV coverage and decisions provided facts and no panic. Our beef is safe.

[responding to above posting] Thank you. To kill 11 million cattle like theyíre a possibly bad idea is a bad idea.

Customer Service
The NIH has established Federal Electronic Computer Store that allows federal agencies to shop over the internet for personal computers and accessories. Seven minority firms, seven small businesses, and three large businesses were awarded contracts. Their products and prices are listed on their home page at

Customers want to feel comfortable, want friendly and competent counselors to assist them when inquiring about small business matters.

Our customers SPOKE in our favor when our competitors tried to "politically" put us out of business. Call me to find out the "REST of the STORY"

Have had some success in D.C. and Seattle area providing cooperative work experience to physically and intellectually impaired persons. No cost. Great benefits to persons and organizations.

As of 3/15 -- Veteranís Affairs responds immediately to customer inquired received via the VA Home Page on the Internet.

The HUD Buffalo Office has developed "Community Assistance Coordination Teams" (CAC Teams). The purpose of these teams is to better serve our entitlement communities by being a single point of contact and listening to their needs. This "one-stop shopping" approach is less confusing and allows for coordination of service and joint efforts to find innovative approaches in meeting the communityís needs and planning for their future.

Cutting Red Tape
The recent problem with Russia refusing to buy poultry from the U.S. created great concern with over 5% of our poultry products going to Russia. They had refrigeration, FSIS processing concerns and APHIS health concerns. By immediate phone conferences tied to headquarters meetings (100 lines), State officials, FSIS, Industry Officials, Russia, and Field people on the front lines, technical staff within one week the health concerns were resolved. Now we need the issues outside APHIS resolved and we will maintain this valuable export.

Service Contracts. Eliminated lengthy specifications. Went to a private sector contract with a mutual termination clause. Results: Better prices, satisfied clients, less litigation.

Give us answers! Whatís the difference between A-76 and privatization? The rules for A-76 hamper our utilization of privatization.

Cooperation and Support
The first team (SENTRI) meeting was in March 1995. The DCL -- including road antennas, krails, computer software, enrollment center construction -- opened the initial pilot phase November 1995, only 8 months later. Five agenciesí cooperation, public support, was solicited. It could never have happened without the demonstrated and written support of the Deputy Attorney General and Assistant Attorney General, and the willingness of team members to continually challenge, and put themselves at risk. The Justice Performance Review support was phenomenal and effective, as was team leadership.

BASOPS Opportunity Leveraging and Development(BOLD) Grants. Venture capital investment initiative started by TRADOC to provide incentive for Installation Commanders to identify and implement bold actions at the installations. Slogan -- "your ideas, our money." 112 initiatives submitted, 30 approved. $3.9 million investment / $62 million Return on Investment for 5 years (projected)

For our team, this conference was successful/inspiring/energizing. We have been highly successful on our project, however were somewhat beaten down. No longer--- Thank you! Thank the Justice Performance Review too!

Lab is working great as a group -- all the right people get the job done. (However!: Zip (0) support from other parts of the Agency, including Finance, Procurement, Personnel.

Want High Performance Teams? Try:
-- Building a solid foundation.
-- Develop mutual respect.
-- Build Relationships
-- Be goal setting/committed to performance.
-- Use straight talk.

A change to the language of a regulation implementing the SENTRI DCL was approved by the General Counsel, the INS Commissioner, the Department, and OMB ... and signed /sent to the Federal Register in just under 6 hours the latter part of September 1995. Thatís a record.

In DOE, a group of self empowered employees across the complex created the Change Summit. A government revival that focused on individuals developing results driven breakthru goals. Then we heard about NPR Reinvention. We are still going.

We have removed several levels of supervision. Now focus on our customers. Use teams of front-line employees to make many decisions. But we all want more, more, more. More empowerment and accountability, etc. Thus we see only our frustrations and not our accomplishments. Thank you all for your help setting us where we are now.

Teamwork led to increased empowerment and a feeling of ownership among staff.

Planning and Vision
We have been successful in crafting a vision statement for our organization. The statement was written by the employees and presented to management. Our local management has adopted the statement and developed four goal areas to focus the organizationís attention. To date 32 managers have participated in facilitated sessions that returned us to the "blank page" referenced by Hammer.

Customer Plans extend beyond Agency level down to line units Washington & Field. Front line and teams involving customer planning in strategic planning.

Our first Lab saved $1.0 million per year. Our next breakthrough will yield over $1.0 million per year -- money talks. Show your success through the Accounting Department & walk the walk!

Revamped/reengineered travel voucher system, saving time, money, budget savings for travelers returning from TDY.

General Successes
Prompt Payment Program --Implemented
Travel Reinvention Lab --Pilot
Excess Equipment Lab --Implemented
Customer Service Center --Pilot
Vendor Agreement/Partnership --Pilot
Space Reengineering Lab -- Started

1. A Plan in Place
2. A workforce engaged
3. BPR and incremental change is ongoing
4. Tools to measure improvement in Place
a) Quality criteria
b) Cost & output models
5. Acknowledge and rewards for personnel

Reengineered the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee(AFIC) for 1997 inauguration. The AFIC support to the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) will be the same high quality but done with 300 less people than in 1994 inauguration. 1993: 1109 people; 1997: 819.

The Air Force Inspection System changed to meet NPR thoughts. Rank and file embrace it; Leaders generally support the changes. Reinforce this change -- itís right way.

We established a cross-functional, cross-org lines, cross-geographical location team (self-managed) to model, work with others to also develop, and expand the concepts and theories of Best Business practices for government. We are also serving customers outside our agency.

Class & Pay Act. Letís go to rank in person. Like military and foreign service.

Electronic/quick access to financial payments. Invoices to American Public doing business with USAID.

Planned, developed, and implemented first secure automated dedicated commuter lane at Otay Mesa, California (near San Diego) -- accomplished in 8 months working with 5 agencies, 2 departments -- Justice and Treasury.

NOAA Corps: Economy proven by NPR ... Heightened scrutiny was focused on the service. Internal and external reviews revealed a greater savings in the ongoing reduction of the service, but corrected the misperception that the service should be eliminated. Elimination will cost more and deliver less; not what the NPR stands for ... Because of the NPR process, NOAA can operate a reduced force with greater economy, and finally dispel challenges to the existence of the service. The NOAA Corps is smaller, and proven cheaper than alternatives!

Electronic Access to Government. U.S. Business Advisor.
-- Best example of customer-driven government.
-- Great example of partnership and collaboration.
-- Superb example of "IT Enabler" to work smarter.

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