On the AAV line, the walking distance in the work area has been reduced 87%, product cycle time cut 60%, $185,000 saved in reduced inventory, and many process improvements have been implemented that have improved employee morale and teamwork.

On the M198 Howitzer line, $225,000 was saved by eliminating the need for minor construction and $423,000 was saved by reducing vendor provided refurbishing.

Adjudication of Personal Property Claims. All Personal Property Claims submitted by marines at their local command for payment (regardless of value), had to be forwarded to HQ Marine corps for adjudication. Under the Reinvention Lab Program, Marine corps Base Camp Pendleton requested to locally adjudicate Personal Property Claims of $1,000 dollars of less. The Commandant was given the authority to adjudicate and authorize payment of personnel claims up to $40,000.

The approval of this request permitted improved responsiveness to personal property claims and significantly eased the financial burdens on the younger Marines, thus enhancing the quality of life from them and their families.

What did solve the problem was close examination of the process that was used to repair and replace the broken machines. Most of the work was being done by contractors who were hamstrung by the way the machines were serviced. Facilities redesigned the process for property accountability an the disposal of derelict material. They then established a pool of repaired or new machines that could be exchanged for inoperable equipment in a matter of a couple of days. The repairable machines were then brought to a central location where the contractor technicians were able to optimize the use of time to work on the machines.

The process analysis in this case involved series of improvements that made steady and continuous improvement on the turnaround time to replace broken washing machines and dryers. The improvements made have saved time and money for the facilities operation and significantly improved the quality of life for the Marines who live in the barracks.

The ELMTP was examined closely to determine if the process maximized the resources available. Three process improvements were identified, developed, tested and standardized at Parris Island. The number of targets required was modified from 6 to 4 saving $19,000 per year. The number of rounds fired was reduced from 375 to 278 saving $438,500. By examining and improving scheduling, 23 additional training hours were added to the schedule without extending the execution of the training week.

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