First field during the pilot effort, the Image Product Archive (IPA), standardized library function based on commercially available hardware and software, significantly improved the ability of warfighters to directly access and receive high quality imagery. At a number of key locations in the U.S., IPA now successfully links clients in the Intelligence Community with producers of imagery who can direct the activities of imagery collection platforms across service boundaries. Consequently, deployed military users have ready access to an electronic inventory of imagery and imagery-derived products using commercial-off-the-shelf computer systems. Further benefits are expected with the introduction of IPA into the European and Pacific theaters of operations during 1996.

The IPA Client was installed on the USS George Washington (CVN 73) during the pilot effort. This marked the first time forces afloat have been able to fully participate in the USIS, and demonstrated IPA's ability to provide imagery to and from forces at sea. It is also the first installation of IPA on a service-unique intelligence workstation, further streamlining the activities of DoD imagery analysts. These military analysts now have increased, readily-available sources of imagery through PA3I. IPA has also been installed on an Army intelligence workstation testbed, and will be installed on the Air Force intelligence workstation during 1996. IPA will also become resident on the Global Command and Control System.

The PA3I also achieved considerable success in adapting, enhancing and incorporating communications and intelligence systems toward pilot objectives. Notably, the PA3I delivered improvements for both the imagery analyst and imagery consumer via increased communications capability at numerous sites. Pilot also witnessed establishment of IPA to INTELINK access for both SCI and SECRET COLLATERAL users. As a result, INTELINK users are able to access IPA/INTELINK central servers for IPA holdings--once again aiding the customer base through increased access via streamlined processes. IPA was also integrated onto the Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System (JDISS), the widely-distributed workstation standard, thereby allowing global JDISS users access to imagery and imagery products on IPA servers.

The success of PA3I resonates into the future, as other imagery archives will migrate to the IPA. IPA has also been selected as the imagery file server for the defense-wide airborne reconnaissance development program. The PA3I constitutes a major success story for the Department of Defense.

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