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1998 Criteria for Performance Excellence
This resource is published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Quality Program. The Criteria are used by thousands of American businesses to conduct self-assessments, and for some, serve as the basis for their application for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. While the award is geared toward the private-sector, the core values and concepts embodied in the Criteria apply to all organizations, including government agencies. The Criteria address Leadership, Strategic Planning, Customer and Market Focus, Information and Analysis, Human Resource Focus, Process Management and Business Results. For a single copy of the Criteria, call NIST at (301) 975-2036. For bulk copies of the Criteria, call the American Society for Quality at (800) 248-1946.

Acquisition Reform ToolBox from Government Executive Magazine
A helpful list of almost everything you need to know about procurement reform. Links to such web pages as the General Services Administration's "Ideas That Work," with dozens of agency success stories.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Electronic Guide
A new Electronic Guide to Federal Procurement ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is the work of the Contract and Procurement Section of the Inter-Agency Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group, which was established by Presidential Memorandum in 1998. The Guide includes sections on: Designing an ADR Program, Managing the ADR Process, ADR Training, Neutrals, and Resources. Each Section incorporates hyperlinks to ADR-related materials. The Resources Section includes, among other things, a listing of Federal ADR Mentors, detailed Profiles of existing agency procurement ADR programs, ADR success stories of several agencies, sample ADR agreements, and web links to other ADR Internet sites. To access the Guide, visit For information on the Guide, contact Anthony Palladino at

Bureaucratic Bushwackers: Ten Things You Can Do Now That You Couldn't Do--or Didn't Do--Before Reinvention

Community Partnering CD-ROM System
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed a learning-by-doing approach to building key skills in the areas of community partnering and outreach. Community Partnering for Environmental Results is a computer-based learning environment which simulates real world experiences. The learner faces challenges which mirror those in real life. The simulation is build with real war stories from real people doing real work. The context is environmental protection work and the focus is on practicing and refining public outreach skills. The nine CD-ROM system is available at no cost. For information, contact Beth van Es at the Institute for the Learning Sciences, Northwestern University, 847-491-3710.

Document Drafting
The office of the Federal Register (OFR) maintains a web site to help rule writers meet Federal Register publication requirements and create understandable, enforceable regulations. Visit

Ethics Training Game
Developed by the Department of Justice and the Office of Government Ethics to replace the boring, hour-long recitation of rules and regulations. An hour of playing the game satisfies the annual requirement for an hour of ethics training. Contact person is Janice Rodgers, Deputy Departmental Ethics Officer, (202) 514-8196. Or the game can be downloaded from the DOJ web site

Government Insider
Get reinvention news delivered to your desk top as a screen saver using push technology from PointCast and BTG, Inc. Government Insider can be downloaded free at Check with your system administrator first.

International Voice Service
The following website provides information on how to contact our embassies abroad for free.

Performance Assessment and Results (PAR 4) software is available to all governmental agencies (federal, state, local) and to non-profit organizations. For a free copy, contact Antonio Rodriguez, Total Quality Leadership Office, Department of the Navy, 703-681-4192 (fax -4212) or Rodriguez.Antonio@HQ.NAVY.MIL.

Plain Language
Plain Language NPR's Web site, developed with GSA and Interior's Bureau of Land Management, has a tutorial that teaches you how to write your regulations and letters in language everyone can understand.


Clear Vision: Putting Your Creativity to Work, by DeWitt Jones Great Speakers, 359 North Oak St., Ukia, CA 95482 (707) 463-1081

Voyage to Quality. This video showcases best practices at Navy and Marine Corps activities particularly those involving strategic partnerships. While supplies last, copies may be obtained by calling the Department of the Navy Total Quality Leadership Office at 202-685-6841.

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