National Partnership for Reinventing Government



National Partnership for Reinventing Government
(formerly the National Performance Review) Vice President Gore's task force is staffed by federal workers representing many agencies over government. With a new name, mission and team structure, its vision is America @ Our Best. NPR works closely with the President's Management Council, agency liaisons to NPR, and many public and private sector partners. (202) 632-0150;

Government Information Technology Services Board
This Presidential board fosters implementation of NPR's information technology recommendations and administers innovations grants. GITSB focuses on Vice President Gore's vision of electronic government in his book, Access America.

National Partnership Clearinghouse
The Clearinghouse, sponsored by the National Partnership Council, is a resource for information and guidance on labor -management partnerships, including partnership agreements, a speakers' bureau, case studies, and training resources. It's located at the Office of Personnel Management's Center for Partnership and Labor. Call (202) 606-2613.

General Accounting Office
The GAO performs audits and evaluations of government programs and activities. You can download and order their publications from their website. Visit

Federal Quality Consulting Group
The FQCG, made up primarily of career senior executives, assists federal agencies and other public service organizations in meeting the management demands of government in the 21st Century. This team is skilled in organizational diagnostics, customer service, the Government Performance and Results Act, facilitation, reengineering, human resource development, quality awards, Congressional and Presidential mandates related to improving government. As a Treasury franchise group, FQCG needs only a memorandum of understanding to begin work. Contact (202) 906-6068 or or visit

Federal Executive Boards
FEBs are interagency organizations in 28 cities nationwide administered by the Office of Personnel Management. Many are sources of reinvention information in their local areas and many are involved in Vice President Gore's Hammer Award process. Contact Paula Bridgham, (202) 606-1000 or Visit


The Alliance for Redesigning Government
The Alliance was established at the National Academy of Public Administration in 1993 in response to the groundswell of public sector innovation in state and local governments. It is the center of a national network and clearinghouse for state, local, and federal innovators; nonprofit and corporate leaders; and scholars who advocate performance-based, results-driven governance. Visit This Alliance Learning Network website offers reports, case studies, book reviews, and links to sites all related to government reinvention, redesign, innovation...a rich resource.

American Society for Public Administration
ASPA is the largest and most diverse professional association in the field of public administration. ASPA's membership of more than 11, 000 practitioners, academics and students, represent every level of government as well as non-profits, and every major function and substantive area that exist in those sectors. ASPA serves as an important catalyst for linking theory and practice within the field of public administration. ASPA publishes the Public Administration Review, as well as a monthly newspaper, the PA Times, and sponsors a national conference each year. The Society has 124 chapters nationwide and 20 sections which focus on particular areas of practice or study in public administration. Contact Mary Hamilton, (202) 393-7878 or Visit

The Council for Excellence in Government
A nonpartisan, nonprofit, national organization of 700 members who are former government leaders now in the private sector. Acting as a convener, catalyst and communicator, the Council has many activities that focus on strengthening results-oriented management and building public confidence and participation in government. Some of its programs include: The Excellence in Government Fellows program, custom-designed Leadership Fellows programs, partnerships with federal departments and agencies, sponsorship of the Innovations in American Government Awards Program, and sponsorship of the Partnership for Trust in Government. Call (202) 728-0418 or visit

Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA)
Official federal chapter of the United States Distance Learning Association. Promotes the development and application or distance learning in the federal sector. Helps federal customers from reinventing the wheel at any point on the distance learning journey. Maintains a database of more than 800 government satellite broadcast and receive sites. Membership list is posted on the web for all to contact and ask a million questions with "no charge" for the answers. Hank Payne, 405-954-6913 or visit

National Academy of Public Administration
NAPA is an independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, chartered by Congress, that assists state, local, and federal governments in improving their performance. In addition to numerous studies and reports, Academy resources include its main website ( and another managed by its Alliance for Redesigning Government ( The Academy focuses on broad performance and management issues, both as overarching processes and as practical considerations for agencies and programs engaged in the full range of domestic and international concerns. More than 60 federal agencies are members of Academy consortia on human resources management and performance-based government. Gregory McCarthy, (202) 347-3190,

National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration
This is an association of 240 academic programs of public administration and public policy, most offering the masters degree. Many programs also offer executive education programs offering certifications and degrees and other modes of specialized training in topics such as budgeting, contract management, information technology, and ethics in management. Its programs also feature cutting-edge scholarship and workshops on government performance and management issues. Many are very active in working locally and regionally on grassroots applications of reinvention and performance based public management implementation. Michael Brintnall, (202) 628-8965;;

National Council for Public-Private Partnerships
For information, visit Private Sector Council PSC is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public service organization dedicated to assisting the federal government improve its efficiency, productivity and management through a cooperative sharing of knowledge between the public and private sectors. At no cost to the American taxpayer, qualified executives from PSC member companies contribute time and talent to work on projects. These projects are cooperatively defined but initiated by senior government managers. Through these initiatives, efficient and modern business methods developed in the private sector are introduced to government. Thomas V. Fritz, (202) 822-3910 or

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