National Partnership
for Reinventing Government


Networks, Partnerships, and Reinvention Groups

ACE (Americans Communicating Electronically)
ACE's diverse membership represents private and public organizations and individuals who wish to promote interactive communications among federal, state, and local governments, private businesses, public libraries, and schools, rural cooperatives, public and private universities, community-based arts and theater groups, voluntary associations, job training services, and health care organizations. ACE members get things done. ACE meets on the third Thursday every month from 10 a.m. until noon in the 8th floor conference room at the Small Business Administration, 409 Third St., SW, Washington, DC. Meetings are open to everyone. Call (202) 720-2727, write or visit

Coalition for Effective Change CEC
began in 1994 as a non-partisan alliance of associations representing curent and retired federal managers, executives, and professionals. It provides a channel for these groups to contribute their expertise to the success of reinventing government. CEC holds monthly meetings with the NPR, meets regularly with the Director of the Office of Personnel Management and Congressional members and staff, and from time to time with the President's Management Council. It is represented by two member associations on the National Partnership Council. A recent report makes recommendations about the federal civil service. Contact Rossalyn Kleeman at (202) 244-7039 or

Interagency Regulatory Reinvention Forum
This group meets once a month in the Washington, DC, area. Contact the Food and Drug Administration's Audrey Borja at (301) 827-4225 or

Federal Publishers Committee
This interagency group of federal publishers, editors, and printing specialists holds monthly meetings at the Government Printing Office in Washington, DC. Glenn King, (301) 457-1171 or

Government Alliance for Training and Education
GATE is a government employee only organization. Its members are representatives from agencies who are doing or are interested in doing training via satellite. Hank Payne, 405-954-6913

Interagency Benchmarking and Best Practices Council
Federal employees from several agencies have banded together to create a unique collaborative partnership committed to using benchmarking and best practices to improve government. The Council has formed professional partnerships with the International Benchmarking Clearinghouse of the American Productivity and Quality Center, the Strategic Planning Institute, the Innovation and Quality Exchange of the Canadian Treasury Board Secretariat, and Informationszentrum Benchmarking, the German Benchmarking Center. NPR is a sponsor of, and partner with, the Council. Contact James Caganagh at (202) 586-8257 or Visit

Interagency Government Performance and Results Act Groups See list at For more information, contact Carl J. Metzger at NAPA, (202) 682-4010, ext. 3202, or

PEN (Plain English Network)
Plain Language Action Network PLAN, organized by NPR and the Office of Management and Budget, is a government-wide group working to improve communications between the federal government and its customers. Its work is guided by PEN (Plain English Network), an informal network of federal employees dedicated to spreading the use of plain language throughout the government. PEN members can help you implement the President's directive on plain language. Visit

Webmasters Network
Members address policy issues related to federal websites. Includes listserv. Richard Kellett, General Services Administration,

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