National Partnership for Reinventing Government

Subject Area Experts

360 Degree Feedback
Need an expert on appraisal systems? Contact Joe Colantuoni at the Department of Health and Human Services, (301) 443-1200 or

Alternative Dispute Resolution
John Hurley at US Customs Service, (202) 927-2020 or

Michael Roluti
Power Management Reinvention Laboratory

Facilitator, Team Building, Diversity, Innovation and Leadership Training
Jim Perine, Department of Labor, (202) 693-0056 or

Family-Friendly Workplace: USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has been recognized nationally for its innovative programs including Flexi-Place: Contact: Carmen Queen-Hines, 301-734-5579.

Future Search and Visioning: USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service's
Organization Development Team. Contact Jane Berkow at 301-734-4990.

Human Resource Link$
System for employee-maintained personnel actions-and much more! Bruce Carruthers at the Veterans Administration, (785) 350-3700.

Internal Communications (Strategic Communications)
Jeffrey Brooke at US Customs Service, (202) 927-6493 or

New Work Environment Project
Supports teams and telecommuting. Jim Williams at the General Services Administration, (202) 205-0317 or e-mail:

Karen McFadden from Justice's Management Planning Staff is available for workshops. (202) 307-3814.

Organizational Assessment Surveys:
Kathleen Bell at U.S. Customs Service, (202) 927-0362. OPM has a staff of experts. Contact Donna Gregory, (202) 606-1681. Visit At the General Services Administration, contact Dr. Jocelyn Johnson, (202) 501-0828. At Energy, contact Colleen Blessing, (202) 586-6482 or

Performance Measures Help
Stuck on a problem developing performance measures and think there might be someone "out there" who could help you? Compose and send a short message describing the problem on the Performance Measures listserv,

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