Title: VP Memo Announcing PhaseII of NPR
Author: Executive Office of the Vice President
Date: January 3, 1995


SUBJECT: Second Phase of the National Performance Review

The President has announced his proposal for a Middle Class Bill of Rights to help the American people restore the American dream. As part of this effort, he has asked me to lead a second phase of the National Performance Review. This review will examine the basic missions of government, looking at every single government program and agency to find and eliminate things that don't need to be done by the federal government. It will also sort out how best to do the things government should continue to do.

To begin this fundamental rethinking of what the federal government should do and how it should do it, I would like each of you immediately to form a team in your agency to review everything you do, asking:

  1. If your agency were eliminated, how would the goals or programs of your agency be undertaken -- by other agencies, by states or localities, by the private sector, or not at all?
  2. If there are goals or programs of national importance that will remain undone and require a federal role in order to be accomplished, should they be done differently than they are being done today in order to enhance service to the customers?
  3. How do your customers (not just interest groups) feel about the possible eliminations or changes? This would build on your ongoing efforts to get customer input about the services they want, and how to improve satisfaction with the services we provide. Throughout the review we have to continue to put customers first and to deliver on our published customer service standards.
Phase 2 of NPR will also review the federal regulatory process to find a way to get better results for the public with less interference in their lives.

The staff of the National Performance Review will distribute a schedule for the review. The review will be a collaborative effort between the agencies and the NPR staff, OMB, the President's Management Council, and the White House Policy Councils.

The President and I believe absolutely in federal workers. But these workers face uncertain times. We need to involve them in sorting out tomorrow's government. We need to continue to cut red tape and empower them to get results. And we need to treat them in a way that values their past contribution and their role as the most important resource in the government of the future.

Carrying out Phase 2 of the National Performance Review while we deliver on the promises of Phase 1 is a big challenge. It is also an enormous opportunity for us to change yesterday's government and make it work for the America of today and tomorrow. Thank you for your help. . NPR Home Page Search the NPR Site NPR Initiatives Site Index Calendar Comments Awards Links Tools Frequently Asked Questions Speeches News Releases Library Navigation Bar For NPR site