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Vice President Al Gore's
National Partnership for Reinventing Government

Hammer Award Nomination Instructions

We are looking for teams of federal employees and their partners who have made extraordinary progress in reinventing government.

Where to Submit Nominations
Submit nomination to your agency's Hammer Award point of contact for initial screening. They will forward those meeting the Hammer Award criteria, along with their recommendations for the awards and a signed agency approval sheet, to the National Partnership for Reinventing Government (NPR) for review.

When to Submit
NPR receives nominations continuously. The Hammer Review Panel reviews submissions every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. NPR's Hammer Team will notify the lead agency's Hammer Award Point of Contact regarding the panel's decision within two weeks from the date of review. September 30, 2000 is the deadline for submission of nominations. Check with your agency for any internal submission dates.

What Winners Receive
If we select your team for a Hammer Award, we will notify the lead agency. In a public ceremony, the team will receive one hammer plaque with a card signed by the Vice President. Each team member will receive a hammer lapel pin and a certificate from the Vice President.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please call your agency point of contact. An electronic copy of this format, agency points of contact, award criteria for review, and other award information are available at: You may also contact Sandra Eubanks Brown (202) 694-0040 at NPR at or Leslie Schwager (202) 694-0107 at NPR at

Download Nomination Form in Word Format
Nomination Form in ASCII Text To download this form, please hold down your shift key as you click on the text.

Hammer Award Nomination

Check One: New Submission Resubmission (Team previously denied. Application rewritten with clarification.)
Date Nomination Completed by Team (or on behalf of team):________________________

Name of Team (as it should appear on the award):_________________________________ Government Department/Agency:____________________________________________________ Sub-agency or bureau (if applicable)_____________________________________________ Team Leader:_____________________________________________________________________ Address:_________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone (with area code):______________________________________________________ Fax (with area code):____________________________________________________________ E-mail:__________________________________________________________________________

Partner Organizations (with point of contact and telephone number):

Total Number of Team Members:________________ **Must attach a list of team members names, by organization as they should appear on certificates.**

What process, product, or service has been reinvented?

Area(s) of Reinvention (Check all that apply. At least one of the following areas must be checked.) Put customers first Empowered employees Cut red tape Cut back to basics (stopped doing things not in core mission) Achieved results Americans care about
Optional areas to strengthen nomination Estimated savings or cost avoidance: $___________ Other resource impact (personnel reductions, improved timeliness, increased productivity): _______________________________________ Partnered with other federal agencies, state/local governments, or private
sector to improve government service

What real, observable, and measurable accomplishments has the team achieved in each area checked above and how? How might other government agencies learn from or apply the successes you have achieved? The estimated savings or cost avoidance in this nomination are accurate to the best of my knowledge. _________________________________________________________ Signature and title of responsible official Date **Please attach a short, one page, plain language narrative that would tell any taxpayer why your reinvention is a success. This narrative may be used for a press release if the team is selected for award. Avoid acronyms and jargon.**

Name of person submitting this nomination:_____________________________________ Organization:__________________________________________________________________ Signature:_____________________________________Date______________________ Title:______________________________________________________ Telephone (with area code):_________________________________ Fax (with area code):_______________________________________ Internet E-mail:____________________________________________

Once NPR decides, the agency's Hammer point of contact will notify the team leader and nominator. If others should be notified directly by the agency's Hammer point of contact, please list below. Include name, title, organization, address, commercial telephone and fax numbers with area codes, and e-mail address. NPR Home Page Search the NPR Site NPR Initiatives Site Index Calendar Comments Awards Links Tools Frequently Asked Questions Speeches News Releases Library

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