Hassle-Free Communities

National Partnership for Reinventing Government
July 29, 1998

What is a Hassle-Free Community?

  • In a Hassle-Free Community, government delivers the important services that you, our customers, tell us you want -- hassle free. The most common complaint we hear from citizens is that it is a hassle to deal with the government. The federal government is responding to what you say needs to be improved about the way we serve you.

  • Vice President Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government is leading the effort to create hassle-free services across all levels of government.
How does the government know which issues are important?
  • Across the federal government, we asked our customers about our service delivery. We listened to your complaints and comments to identify the top priority issues and services to improve. These issues are the basis for the project plans in each Hassle-Free community.
How is the government creating Hassle-Free Communities?
  • Local federal agencies contact the National Partnership for Reinventing Government to volunteer to build a Hassle-Free Community.

  • The NPR looks for a local federal employee, recognized for outstanding customer service, to serve as the champion, leading the Hassle-Free Community effort.

  • The champion works with a partnership of federal, state and local government agencies, private industry, and community groups to develop specific project plans for the local community. The NPR works with the champion to support the community projects.

  • Communities are designated Hassle-Free Zones "under construction" while they are creating the changes you want to see. Community and government partners eliminate the hassles to build Hassle-Free communities project by project.
How will you know when a community is Hassle-Free?
  • Communities can expect visible improvement within six months. Project plans are continually updated to reflect the needs of your community so you get the results you want from your government.

  • When a community achieves at least a 90% customer satisfaction rate, and provides innovative service delivery, it will earn the Hassle-Free Community designation. The community will have to maintain the high level of customer service to earn its Hassle-Free designation each year.
Where are Hassle-Free Communities being created?
  • Pilot communities have projects underway in Kansas City, Missouri, Seattle, and the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

  • Other communities interested in participating should contact the National Partnership for Reinventing Government.
How do I get more information?
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