March 2, 1998

A Message to Federal Workers from the Vice President of the United States

Five years ago this month, we embarked on a National Performance Review to change the way government works. It seemed an impossible task. Red tape, senseless rules, and rigid hierarchies separated us from the people we were pledged to serve. Public trust in government was at an all-time low and the budget deficit at an all-time high.

Today, the reinventing government initiative is the longest running and most successful government reform effort in history. Thanks to your partnerships in and out of government and the application of exciting new technologies, our government does work better and it does cost less. As a result, public trust is beginning to go up and the deficit is being eliminated.

The key to this success is you. We trusted you--the people on the front lines--to get the job done, and you delivered. You knew the problems and you knew how to fix them.

For the first time in history the federal government has measurable standards for serving the American people. We have safer workplaces, less crime, easier buying practices, faster drug approvals, and faster delivery of mail. We have cut unnecessary regulations and outdated programs, trimmed our own workforce, and saved taxpayers billions of dollars.

To celebrate this success and build on what you have accomplished, we are celebrating our fifth anniversary by launching a new Conversation with America. We urge you to begin an ongoing dialogue with the American people to learn what they want and expect from their government. Our goal is to regain in fullest measure the confidence of the people we serve.

We have recently renamed our effort the National Partnership for Reinventing Government. We ask your commitment to NPR's new vision, "America@OurBest," and its mission,"In time for the 21st Century, reinvent government to work better, cost less, and get results that Americans care about."

President Clinton and I are proud of you. Thank you for your fine work.

Al Gore

Al Gore

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