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Monday, October 4, 1993

Volume 29--Number 39
Pages 1883-1950

Week Ending Friday, October 1, 1993

Memorandum on Agency Rulemaking

September 30, 1993

Memorandum for Heads of Departments and Agencies

Subject: Agency Rulemaking Procedures

Today, I issued an Executive order setting forth the 
Administration's regulatory philosophy; defining a more effective and 
accountable role for the Executive Office of the President in regulatory 
planning and review; and establishing the procedures to be followed by 
agencies and the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (``OIRA'') 
in promulgating and reviewing regulations. One primary objective of this 
order is to streamline the regulatory review process, thus reducing the 
delay in the developing and promulgating rules.
We cannot, however, reduce delay in the rulemaking process without 
reforms within the agencies themselves. The National Performance Review 
team examining the issue found that many agencies require numerous 
clearances within the agency before a rule is submitted to OIRA for 
review. (Indeed, one agency found that its internal review process could 
only be described by using an 18-foot flow chart.) The team also learned 
that too often agencies use the same internal review procedures for all 
rules--regardless of their complexity or significance.
In order to streamline the entire rulemaking process, agencies must, 
consistent with any applicable laws, utilize internally the most 
efficient method of developing and reviewing regulations. Accordingly, I 
direct the head of each agency and department to examine its internal 
review procedures to determine whether, and if so, how those procedures 
can be improved and streamlined. In conducting this examination, the 
agency or

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department shall consider the number of clearances required by its 
review process and whether the review process varies according to the 
complexity or significance of a rule.
I further direct the head of each agency and department to submit to 
the Vice President and me, within 6 months of this memorandum, the 
results of its examination.

William J. Clinton

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