National Partnership for Reinventing Government


The categories below are designed to help you demonstrate the improvements and changes in government service delivery through your Hassle-Free efforts. Create a simple metric by selecting one item in each quadrant, using the criteria at the bottom of the page to help you determine what give you valuable feedback on your efforts.

Return on Investment

  • Increase in # of multiple transactions @events (# tracking; baseline/% of increase)
  • Improved customer satisfaction in meeting identified needs (survey)

  • Reduction in costs for servicing customers-- e.g. cost sharing, service sharing, reduced need, etc. (cost data comparisons--modeling)
Public Understanding & Support
for Hassle Free Concept

  • Extent of citizens' change in expectations for HF service delivery (attitude survey)
  • Increase in deployment of HF model (e.g. increased partnering, expanding scope services, etc.) (count, attitude survey)
  • Creative use of media resources to reach public (freebies, non-traditional sources, market segmentation, in-kind advertising) (survey, anecdotes)
Sustainable HF Community

  • Increase in # of team established and increase in depth of services provided (count; baseline/tracking; anecdotes)
  • Activities undertaken to continuously identify and develop HR leaders (count; anecdotes)
  • Communication continuously maintained through a variety of means (count; anecdotes)
  • Routinely sharing of lessons learned and promising practices (count; anecdotes)
Improved Quality of Service

  • Demonstrate improved quality of service under HF model (survey--customers/providers; baseline/% of increase)
  • Active needs identification process in place for both customers and service providers(count; survey; anecdotes)
  • # of changes in operations driven by emerging customer needs/provider needs (survey; anecdotes)

Decision Making Criteria for Hassle-Free scorecard

Select one measure in each scorecard area based on:

  1. Does what is being measured produce the kind of data that has high impact on sustaining and expanding the Hassle-Free initiative?
  2. Can the measurement be made readily and meaningfully in six-month increments?
  3. Do the resources already exist to do the measurement or are they readily obtainable?
  4. Can baseline data be readily assembled or does it already exist?
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