National Partnership for Reinventing Government

New champion letter


Champion Name
City, ST 12345

Dear :

I want to thank you for your support of -- as our Hassle-Free team leader for Vice President Gore's Hassle-Free Communities Initiative in the -- community. We appreciate your important role in allowing -- to join our team of Hassle-Free champions. As a senior employee with the ---, she has already demonstrated that your faith in her is well earned and that she is the right leader for your community.

Vice President Gore launched the Hassle-Free Communities Initiative at the National League of Cities Conference December 4, 1998. The initiative is an exciting new program conceived by the National Partnership for Reinventing Government to foster partnerships across all levels of government to create communities that deliver services "hassle-free." Hassle-Free Communities are built with advice and feedback from our community customers. Hassle-Free teams, led by enthusiastic career federal employees like ---, work to develop new ways of delivering services to our customers, leading to visible changes in the community. Government services, including seamless service with our state and local partners, aim at delivering what our customers want and need, when and where our customers want them.

Other communities participating in the Hassle-Free Communities Initiative include Atlanta; Boston; Chattanooga, TN; Denver; Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS; New York; the San Francisco Bay Area; and the states of Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Texas. -- will be important leader in bringing Hassle-Free government services to --.

Thank you, --, for your participation and good public service. We salute your spirit of reinvention, and appreciate your great efforts to assist us through the work of --. Together, we are reinventing the government, creating great customer service for all our citizens and achieving the bottom line result of increasing our citizens' trust in their government.


Morley A. Winograd
Director, Vice President Gore's National Partnership for Reinventing Government
Senior Policy Advisor to the Vice President

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