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California Food Policy Advocates

California Food Policy Advocates is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health and well-being of low-income Californians by increasing their access to nutritious and affordable food. Topics such as child care food, school breakfast and lunch, summer food, WIC, direct certification and food ordering.

Child Health Insurance and the National School Lunch Program

Fostering A Close Connection: Report to Covering Kids on Options for Conducting Child Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Through the National School Lunch Program

Digital Signature Guidelines

In today's commercial environment, establishing a framework for the authentication of computer-based information requires a familiarity with concepts and professional skills from both the legal and computer security fields.

Health Insurance and Coordination with School Lunch Programs

This is the first in a series of issue briefs about some of the innovative methods being explored to offer more children affordable health care. Schools are an obvious place to find children, and states are reporting that sending information about childrenís health insurance through the school system is a very effective way to generate applications and enrollment.

Promising Practices Network

This Web site has information on promising practices pertaining to healthy children, school readiness, success in school, child safety, strong families and results-based accountability.

The Southern Regional Initiative to Improve Access to Benefits for Low Income Families With Children

The Southern Regional Initiativeís report discusses issues and strategies states can consider in providing health coverage for more low income children. The chapter contains a discussion of eligibility outreach and eligibility simplification issues, including common applications.

Vermont Electronic Enrollment Application Form

For some time now the partners of the Hardwick Area Patch and the Agency of Human Services have been working to pilot a single electronic application form. As of July 1999, the Patch office is able to take applications for about 25 services offered by the 8 partners.

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