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America's Kindergartners

This report provides national data on children’s skills, knowledge and experiences as they enter kindergarten for the first time.

Child Care - Head Start Collaboration

Partnerships between child care, Head Start, and other early education programs can offer excellent opportunities. These opportunities include providing full-day, full-year child care to families so parents can work or pursue education and training opportunities; make comprehensive services more widely available; and improve continuity of services and program quality by making optimal use of available resources.

Children's Defense Fund: How Does Your State Compare?

"Seeds of Success: State Prekindergarten Initiatives, 1998-1999," by Helen Blank, Karen Schulman, Danielle Ewen, September 1999. Executive summary available on line. For full report ($9.95), call 202-662-3652.

Developmental Path to Reading

Is intended to help parents take steps to ensure that their child will make the transition from "learning to read" to "reading". Promoting language development, reading tasks, difficulties that some children encounter, ways parents can work with educators to identify & support reading programs.

Early Education Partnerships

QUILT, our purpose is to support full-day full-year partnerships among child care, Head Start, prekindergarten, and other early education programs at the local, state, tribal, territorial, and regional levels.

Ed Initiatives

A biweekly look at progress on the Secretary's priorities.

Georgia Office of School Readiness

The Georgia Office of School Readiness is a one-stop children's preschool department which administers the lottery-funded Prekindergarten Program to all of Georgia's children.

Guideline for the Safe Transportation of Pre-school Age Children in School Buses

School age children transported in school buses are safer than children transported in motor vehicles of any other type. Large school buses provide protection because of their size and weight. Further, they must meet minimum Federal motor vehicle safety standards (FMVSSs) mandating compartmentalized seating, improved emergency exits, stronger roof structures and fuel systems, and better bus body joint strength.

Head Start

Head Start is a child development program that has served low-income children and their families since 1965. The Head Start Bureau maintains this web site as an electronic resource for Head Start service providers, parents, volunteers, community organizations, and others who share an interest in helping children look forward to a brighter future.

Head Start Publications Management Center

This site contains information on publications, conference, partnerships, collaborations, recruitment and awareness of the Head Start program.

Linking Literacy and Child Care Quality

In its "Partnering for Success: Right from the Start" project, the Child Care Action Campaign (CCAC) found that most successful early childhood collaborations included a strong literacy component. CCAC is putting that knowledge to work in its Child Care READS! Campaign to increase language and literacy activities at home and in child care settings, and to bring together child care and literacy advocates to work for better quality child care.

Making Teaching a Year Round Profession

Schools face significant challenges in moving toward year-round teaching, including the lack of funds or flexibility to compensate teachers for summer work and the long-standing tradition of the nine-month school year.

Michigan School Readiness Program

Contains facts about the Michigan School Readiness Programs.

National Association for the Education of Young Children

NAEYC Position Statement on School Readiness, 1995.

National Conference of State Legislatures

Contains an overview of the National Conference of State Legislatures' School Readiness Program.

North Carolina's Smart Start

Smart Start was launched in 1993 to ensure that every child in North Carolina begins school healthy and ready to succeed. It is not just another program, but rather a statewide initiative championed by the governor that brings government, the nonprofit sector, and business together at state and local levels to improve the lives of children and families.

Prekindergarten Programs Funded by the States

Looking for information about state funding and implementation of prekindergarten programs? This report from the Families and Work Institute provides descriptive tables of each state's program and a brief analysis across states.

Reaching Out to Spanish-Speaking Families

A special discussion for schools and parent-teacher associations on how to involve Spanish-speaking parents in their children`s education.

Readiness for School

Product list on literacy for grades k thru 3; Results of a survey of public kindergarten thru third grade teachers classroom practices and their views on student readiness

School of the 21st Century

The School of the 21st Century (21C), also known as Family Resource Centers in some communities, is a school-based child care and family support model that promotes the optimal growth and development of children ages 0-12.

Special Education Resources

Resources online to help families, teachers, & others who work with children with disabilities (ages 0 through 21).

Success in School: Education Ideas that Count

Success in School: Education Ideas that Count is a resource from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. It covers various topics including school readiness, decentralization, standards and family participation.

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