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Groups That Build Strong Families Saluted By Foundation

"Children do well when their families do well; and families do better when they live in communities that support them," is the oft-repeated message of the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Now, the Foundation will give seven community service organizations half-a-million dollars (over three years) to honor their exemplary work on behalf of families and neighborhoods through its new National Honors Program.

Join Together Online

Contains news and information on substance abuse, gun violence, federal funding and more!

New Guide to Help Local Communities Establish Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs

HHS Secretary Donna E. Shalala announces the release of "Get Organized: A Guide to Preventing Teen Pregnancy." The publication stresses a localized approach, a long-term commitment, and careful evaluation. It also provides novel approaches for addressing teen pregnancy, suggestions on how to target young men in prevention efforts, and mechanisms for channeling community views on pregnancy prevention into effective, localized strategies for addressing the overall issue.

Child Health Insurance and the National School Lunch Program

Fostering A Close Connection: Report to Covering Kids on Options for Conducting Child Health Insurance Outreach and Enrollment Through the National School Lunch Program

State of American Education Address

Remarks as prepared for delivery by U.S. Secretary of Education Richard W. Riley, Seventh Annual State of American Education Address, "Setting New Expectations," Southern High School, Durham, North Carolina, February 22, 2000.

Public Charge

In an effort to protect the public health and help people become self-sufficient, the Clinton Administration is publishing a proposed rule in the Federal Register on May 26 that clarifies the circumstances under which a non-citizen can receive public benefits without becoming a “public charge” for purposes of admission into the United States, adjustment of status to legal permanent resident, and deportation.

Serving Children and Youth Through the TANF Block Grant

States Finding New Ways to Serve Poor, But Relying More on Federal Funds "Within the bounds of the complex TANF regulations, states are finding creative uses for TANF funds to promote quality child care, early childhood education, teen pregnancy prevention, stay-in-school initiatives and other programs that aim to give children and youth the support and care they need for healthy development." "Serving Children and Youth Through the TANF Block Grant," a National Governors Association Issue Brief, gives examples and helpful hints for administrators.

Vice-President Gore Announces $ 67 M for After-School

Washington, DC -- Vice President Al Gore announced the award of nearly $67 million in new grants to 125 communities throughout the nation to provide high-quality community learning centers in 517 schools. The school-based centers will provide enriched learning opportunities to children outside of the regular school hours and during summer in a community school setting.

Welfare Reform Research Funding Announcement

The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) and the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE) of the Administration for Children and Families are inviting abstracts of proposals for policy research and studies on welfare reform outcomes and issues related to TANF reauthorization for fiscal year 2000

March B4K Newsletter

National Science Foundation Research Grant for GIS

program announcement from the National Science Foundation for a research grant that would support community programs using large geospatial data sets to improve decision making.

ESRI and Leica Announce Funding for State/Local GIS/GPS

ESRI and Leica will provide software, hardware, and training in an amount totaling $18,900, to ten state or local governments within the United States for projects that demonstrate increased efficiencies in collecting data for decision support or increased productivity in delivering government services.

May B4K Newsletter

Satellite Town Meeting, Afterschool and Summer Programs for Youth

KIDS COUNT Data Book 2000!

Kids Count is widely regarded as the nation's pre-eminent data analysis project on children's well-being. Each year, Kids Count compares states and counties on specific indicators and tracks trends over time. Kids Count 2000 looks at the difference a strong community makes in helping parents raise their kids through good schools, safe recreational opportunities, and adequate social connections.

Reaching Out to Spanish-Speaking Families

A special discussion for schools and parent-teacher associations on how to involve Spanish-speaking parents in their children`s education.

Youth Opportunity Movement

The Youth Opportunity Movement is the partnership-building network that helps communities access all of their resources to help at-risk youth. It provides the chance for every American - employers, individuals and young people - to reach into the community and help out-of-school youth succeed. It is because of this involvement at the grassroots level that Youth Opportunity is a Movement rather than simply a program or initiative.

Developmental Path to Reading

Is intended to help parents take steps to ensure that their child will make the transition from "learning to read" to "reading". Promoting language development, reading tasks, difficulties that some children encounter, ways parents can work with educators to identify & support reading programs.

Promoting Better Health for Young People

This report from the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education, and recently released by the White House, outlines ten strategies to promote health and reduce obesity through lifelong participation in enjoyable and safe physical activity and sports.

Making Teaching a Year Round Profession

Schools face significant challenges in moving toward year-round teaching, including the lack of funds or flexibility to compensate teachers for summer work and the long-standing tradition of the nine-month school year.

New Methods to Improve Student Writing & Reading

Located in the second poorest district in Indiana, Heritage Hills Junior/Senior High School has little money to fund school improvement efforts. The district recognized from their test scores and from teacher observations that they needed to focus on literacy. The principal and faculty decided to introduce several new measures to improve students' ability and interest in reading and writing.

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