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American FactFinder

American FactFinder provides users with the capability to browse, search, and map data from many Census Bureau sources. You can use American FactFinder to select data tabulations and maps from the data sets available in the system. You can find a profile of selected social, economic, or housing characteristics for states, cities, counties, congressional districts, and more.

Cartographic Concepts (PowerPoint)

"Cartography has been described as the meeting place of Science and Art. The primary purpose of a map is to convey information or to “get across” a geographical concept or relationship. On the other hand, one of the cartographer’s chief concerns is to keep from producing an ugly map.

Community YouthMapping

Community YouthMapping is young people canvassing their neighborhoods in search of places to go and things to do. Young people called mappers canvass their neighborhoods, using a survey tool, to gather baseline information on the resources available for young people, children and families in their communities. The Center defines resources as places to go, opportunities and things to do.

County Demographic and Economic Profiles for Your State

The US Census Bureau has developed a map that allows users to click on their individual county and get demographic and economic profiles.

Enterprise GIS in Health and Social Service Agencies - An ESRI White Paper, July 1999

This white paper is intended to assist decision makers in health and social service agencies by providing (1) a definition of geographic information system (GIS) and enterprise GIS and the benefits and issues of GIS in the health and social service arena and (2) a description of the planning process needed to establish enterprise GIS in a given organization. (NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this document.)

ESRI and Leica Announce Funding for State/Local GIS/GPS

ESRI and Leica will provide software, hardware, and training in an amount totaling $18,900, to ten state or local governments within the United States for projects that demonstrate increased efficiencies in collecting data for decision support or increased productivity in delivering government services.

ESRI: Geography Matters to Health

Most problems facing the world and health today--environmental, economic, political, social--exist in a geographic context and any analysis must consider that. Understanding issues ranging from epidemiology to access to healthcare providers requires understanding the geographic context of these issues. The ESRI health industry offerings provides health professionals with the resources to meet their unique challenges.


More than 70 agencies in the United States Federal Government produce statistics of interest to the public. The Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy maintains this site to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by these agencies for public use.

Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse

The Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse was established in March 1996 by the Information Technology Policy Council of Georgia and implemented by the University System of Georgia, with funding provided by the State of Georgia. The purpose of the Clearinghouse is to collect, document, format, and publish GIS information collected by multiple agencies of Georgia state government.

Innovative Summer Youth Employment Program: Teens Become Inner City Mappers

A great article in ArcNews Online. Initiated by the Greater Eastside Community Association, this unique, collaborative GIS project had three basic objectives. The first objective was to provide summer employment for inner-city youth; the second was to teach them marketable job skills; and the third was to have them provide a service for their community by mapping Brownfields in Flint and Genesee County, Michigan.

National Science Foundation Research Grant for GIS

program announcement from the National Science Foundation for a research grant that would support community programs using large geospatial data sets to improve decision making.

PlanGraphics, Inc, Helps with GIS and Related Technologies

PlanGraphics, Inc., is the leading international designer and implementor of GIS and related technologies. Since 1979, PlanGraphics has helped hundreds of government, utility, and industry clients manage the technical and institutional challenges of successfully automating geographic information.

Public Health GIS News and Information

The bimonthly, electronic newsletter Public Health GIS News and Information is available free of charge through e-mail to anyone interested in using geographic information systems (GIS) in the public health arena.

State GIS Contacts

Searching for GIS leaders in a State? Go to the National States Geographic Information Council's page on State GIS Contacts.

Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing (TIGER)

TIGER sources, vendors, releases, FAQs and other information.

Vermont Children's Well-Being Online

This Mapping System enables the public to interactively map the key indicators of children's well-being in Vermont by county, school supervisory union, and by school. Much of what is mapped here has been extracted from the Vermont DOE 1998 School Report, and the Vermont AHS 1997-98 Community Profiles. We have also included additional links on the map to county social/economic indicator tables, which have been provided by the UVM Center for Rural Studies (CRS).

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