N G I S C Chicago Meeting, May 21, 1998


CHAIRMAN JAMES: We're not done yet, folks. I would ask you to please be quiet while we finish up our meeting here, if you don't mind. We'll excuse the panel. At this point in our deliberations this is when we open it up to any Commissioner who has any final thoughts, final statements.

Hearing none, I would just like to leave you with: we'll be contacting you in the next week or so to lock down some 1999 dates. I know how difficult that is. But we will keep trying until we get it right. I want to thank again those individuals who were so helpful in putting this meeting together. Particularly I want to thank the Illinois Gaming Board, Mike Belletire. I don't know if he's still here. Mike, thanks so much. And Susan, we really appreciate all the help that you've given us. We couldn't have done it without you.

I want to thank our own version of Vanna White. It's very difficult to sit up there and do all that timing. That's the voice of the National Gambling Commission, Miss Debbie DuCre. I also want to thank our two staff presenters who did an excellent job, both Doug and Allison. And thank our Executive Director for pulling all of this together. We are very much appreciative of that.

Did I forget anyone? With that, I'd like to adjourn the meeting. Thank you very much.

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