N G I S C Chicago Meeting, May 21, 1998


CHAIRMAN JAMES: Heading the Research Subcommittee on behalf of the Commission is Leo McCarthy who has set the example for the rest of us, as we move into the rest of our work of how it looks when it's done well.

COMMISSIONER MC CARTHY: Thank you, Madam Chair. We're going to hear a brief presentation from the NORC representatives. I would like them to come to the table and be available for any questions from the Commission. The Research Committee is satisfied, as Dr. Kelly represented, that we can move forward at this point. The issue of the patron interview project design will reveal to us in the near future whether or not it's feasible to go forward with the patron interview issue, but at least we're proceeding with a pilot program at this point.

I think if we could hear first from them. Why don't you introduce your colleagues, Dr. Schildhaus? Introduce your colleagues and then give a brief report if you would, where you are in your efforts on our behalf. And then we'll see if there are any questions, Madam Chair.


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