MR. GREENE: Larry Greene.


MR. GREENE: Larry Greene, from Preston, Connecticut.

After 15 years, this public hearing is, disgracefully, the first semblance of due process available for citizen response to the recognition and gambling privileges of Indians in Connecticut.

The Commission's magical mystery tour of Foxwoods yesterday left little doubt whether you too have joined the ranks of government officials from local town halls to the White House to be compromised by the lure of Indian casino cash. Your priorities humiliate the communities suffering unprecedented levels of death and destruction due to compulsive gambling, traffic, and crime generated by the Indian casinos.

Casino cash influences politicians to annex land, away from the governing powers belonging to the people. Government officials in collusion with unsavory casino interests undermine the sovereign inalienable rights of people to pursue happiness and to be safe. Exchanging these rights for extortion, bribes, such as political campaign contributions and the monopolistic state and tribal slot machine compact.

The BIA turned down the Mashantucket Pequot's recognition request about eight times because there is no genealogical evidence. Yet in 1983, Connecticut Senators Chris Dodd and Lowell Weicker and representative Sam Gageson worked hard overriding a presidential veto, to pass legislation giving the tribe federal recognition. The effort was not to protect Indian culture, it's non-existent, the effort was to expand gambling in Connecticut, period.

As an individual, I see Indian recognition as morally corrupt racism. As an American, I see Indian recognition as violating many mandates in the United States Constitution, such as the 14th Amendment guarantee of equal protection of the laws.

Also, when a group of American citizens joined together in an effort to do away with the established government, as the Pequots have, that is an insurrection. The traffic and crime an social impacts deriving from that insurrection can de defined as an invasion. When agents of government aid and abet insurrections and invasions that is defined as treason.

This Commission must immediately call upon Congress to uphold the United States Constitution.

I've also been the spokesperson of the Preston Residents Against Annexation for the past four years. I have plenty of material and I can answer probably just about any question you wold bring forth.

CHAIRPERSON JAMES: I would encourage you to submit anything that you would like to the Commission and we'd be happy to consider that as we go through our review process. Thank you.

MR. GREENE: If you ever do come this way again, please do stop down and see us.


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